Video Game General 6.1.2: MK11 Lookin Like Brutal MK Again, But Sonya Splits Still Most Controversial


RE2 one shoot demo, DoA online beta and God Eater 3 are all on psn store now <3


Not really game related per say but



Damn folk itching to get some of that Netflix money, first they lose to a Satanic cult and have to settle now a rando Children’s book publisher.


What a frivilous lawsuit…


Curse that Netflix for making money on not my idea!!!


It really feels like its getting to a dumb point where you might be afraid to do something because there is an 85% chance of stepping on someone’s toes that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


Oh boy…


It’s Colonial Marines all over again.

They’re slowly going the route of Silicon Knights: a beloved developer with a great output one generation which ultimately gets driven into ruin by a weird egomaniac at the top the following generation.

Oh well, we get wannabe Borderlands from Obsidian now, that’s going to be better anyway.


We better get Borderlands 3 before Pitchford kills his studio.


Yoshi’s Crafted World is looking cute AF. Day one purchase for me. I’ll probably get NSMBU but not anytime soon. That $60 could go towards other things.


So I was looking through the Holiday Sale on PSN and came across Bloodborne Complete edition for 80% off but I didn’t give me the option to buy it. I mean, I had no intentions of buying it but I wanted to know why I couldn’t buy it. Apparently I already own Bloodborne? Was it a PS+ title at one point? I ask because bloodbourne is not a game I would buy.

Edit: Apparently it was a PS+ game last March. :thinking:


What is wannabe Borderlands?


I hope he’s not talking about the Outer Worlds because it’s more Fallout than it is Borderlands.


So…I still have 50 something bucks on PSN from when I was going to get SNKH digitally. We have snow I aint doing shit or leaving the house until work Sunday evening.

Need game reccomends.

Prefer random FG’s that I may not know of. Or if there’s somehow a random WRPG that I don’t know of.


Damn forgot Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition came out until the UPS guy just knocked on my door :smiley:


Anyone familiar with the Super Robot Wars series? I just watched a couple videos and it seems like there’s no menus or anything outside of battles to do stuff like upgrade your mechs and what not.

Are they visual novels with SRPG battles? SRW T is coming to ps4/switch in march so I’m kind of interested.


just tried the god eater 3 demo
so is there an open world or any exploring or is it just arena fights vs huge monsters?
game looks fantastic, never played the previous titles though.

combat is rly fast compared to monster hunter


kohime enbu?
chaos code?
melty blood?
slice dice and rice?
you might be able to get all 3 and still have money left over/assuming these games are on psn.
i got kohime for 5 bucks on steam. but the other two should be dirt cheap.
scratch that on melty blood. its expensive when not on sale.


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