Video Game General 6.1: My Spidey Sense Tells Me...DQXI Is Awesome!


Yeah Directs dont come as often as they used too. That and the list of ‘announcements’ makes it unbelievable.


Only one game in this world is dreamlike and it’s called Link’s Awakening.


Bullshit. Mario 2.


I suspect there will be a direct right before online services for the switch launch. Whether it’s specifically about online or not is a different story though.

Nintendo doesn’t really need to announce anything for the rest of the year tbh.

September is when online services launch, xbc2 dlc, dbfz and likely Okami HD
October is likely A World Ends with You Remix
November it’s Lets Go, Eevee/Pikachu and December is Smash Ultimate

The only dry spell they have is in August. They have their holiday line up already so why announce anything else?


Euphoric is kind of a subjective term, but nothing about anything you described has anything to do with surrealism… I mean when somebody brings up surrealism the artwork of Salvador Dali like “The Persistence of Time” or Philippe Halsman’s “Dali Atomicus” comes up, not some pseudo-2D videogame.


You know what? I don’t fucking care.


I hope there is more. For me there is a dry spell till next year if that’s the lineup.


You’re a fucking snob.



Bought Dead Cells yesterday after having seen it praised so much. I previously passed on it due to being unimpressed with the general sloppiness found in the rougelikes I’ve played- this one is really damn good. Excellent combat, nice pixel graphics, good art direction (ugly as sin/stupid art direction has been one of the big turnoffs in my time with 20XX), and so far it has avoided that sloppy and lazy feeling. There are still a couple of the annoyances that come with the rougelike thing, but I can easily recommend the game to anyone who likes intense sidescrolling combat.


ohhhh yeah I’m looking forward to Dead Cells; it hits the Switch on 8/07 if I recall… basically I was sold from the first moment I saw footage of it.

I’ve been in the mood to get something new or at least new to me… thinking about “Enter the Gungeon”, though I wish it had a bigger cast of characters to play…though looking at the wiki just now I see there’s at least 2 unlockable ones. Yeah I’ll go ahead and get that soon.

hahaha in other news— this game The Culling II is failing as hard as possible… I’ll admit to being a bit out of touch in the first place since I never got the appeal of this “battle royale” trend in gaming… none of them look fun to me… 249 players online on launch day, folks… :rofl:


I have a bunch of friends excited about Fallout 76 and they’re trying to convince me to get it. They’ve been a fan of the series forever, but I’ve only tried Fallout 3 and I hated it. I got to Megaton village and managed to piss everyone off and got banished. So I had to fight these mutant rats in the desert with no weapons and got fucked up and quit the game because it sucks.

That said, are any of you guys excited for 76? It seems like a completely different game than 3, and I’m kinda interested.


I’m excited for 76. I want to fuck shit up all over the wasteland with buddies.


Is it going to be more of an FPS, or is it going to use that VATS system in real time? I could never get the hang of that system. I think my biggest issue with 3 was going into the game thinking combat would be more traditional shooter and being turned off by it wanting me to use turn based style mechanics. Don’t get me wrong, I love turned based rpgs, but I couldn’t really get into the Fallout style. To be fair, I don’t think a gave it a much of a chance.


I rarely used VATS when I played Fallout 3. I treated it like a traditional shooter even though the gunplay was trash. I heard that Fallout 4 greatly improved in department but I haven’t played it to know.

I’m hoping 76 is more of an FPS. Being an online game I don’t know how VATS can be used against other players. VATS hasn’t been shown in any of it’s gameplay footage.


Word. I’ll keep an eye on it. Definitely has my interest.


:rofl: :rofl:

Got a sick haul today bois. Will make a pickup post in the future - probably sometime after Sonic Mania drops.

I really, really need to start playing some games from my backlog. Too much Path of Exile/Fighting EX Layer. Not enough backlog action.


IIRC the VATS system is still in place but it does not slow down the game for you. So you will probably be playing it more like an fps.


Beth got the ID/Doom guys to help them fix the FPS side of things with FO4.

Vats is going to be real time with 76, its slowed time in Fall out 4 and 1 and 2 was turned based and sorta worked like how combat is in Vagrant Story and Parasite Eve where you aim at limbs and such.

Think of Vats like a Aim Bot with only a chance to hit based on your stats and the stats of your target


It would be fun if they had the same level of customization skins in the “Save the World” mode of Fortnite… but I realize that’s probably a lost cause, since hardly anyone cares about that mode at this point. I’d bet most people don’t even know that part of Fortnite ever existed. I played a little of it earlier today; just had some fun shooting the monsters and building structures; the usual stuff in that mode.