Video Game General 6.1: Reach For The Skies Partner! RDR2 Is Taking Your Paycheck!


at least we got Okamiden. but, the other P* game with the sumi-e ink style, World of Demons, shouldve been released by now and im not seeing it on the googleplaystore yet. worried. Worried it might never get a western release


Full TGS schedule


just got the new TR, now going to work
lookin forward playing it today non stop after work :slight_smile:


Nes games that come with Nin Online can be played 7 days offline

South Park Stick of Truth for Switch will launch sept 25th

Tetris Effect is coming Nov 9

More Red Dead 2 details



Killer 7 looking so clean! and now at 60fps!? YES!


One of the early reviews for VC4. Basically the one problem I had with VC1 is still present. It’s not really what I want in a tactics game so I might wait for a sale tbh. Give me some incentives to kill all the enemies or something. I really hate self-imposed limitations.

While VC4 is indeed an improved version of the original Valkyria Chronicles , it contains a lot of the same general gameplay flaws. Probably the single biggest one is that rush strategies eclipse almost everything else in the game. You’re given an incredible amount of flexibility and tactical options, but the easiest way to finish a lot of missions is to choose or two characters and rush them toward your goal, ignoring enemies along the way. Sometimes, this gets absurd. One side mission, for example, involves an engineer character learning to become a better tank supporter by forcing them into a mission with no allies except tanks and an APC. In theory, you need to make full use of the engineer’s abilities to succeed. In actuality, the best way to win the mission is to put the engineer in the APC, suicide-charge the enemy front lines, and deploy the engineer to capture the enemy base on Turn-1. Afterward, the characters incongruously praise the character’s repair abilities.

VC4 just plays it safe and gives us more of the same which can be good or bad.


Capcom also streamed the beatemup bundle for about 2 hours


Thank you for the Red Dead 2 details!




If you buy the year plan of Nin Online then you get exclusive cosmetic items for splatoon 2

Halo Infinite will have microtransactions


haha…the dinky little NES games you get with Nintendo Online Service…OF COURSE they aren’t permanent…I expected that but it’s STILL hilarious to see confirmation of that being exactly the case. :rofl::smile: their online service is in dire need of help… I’m talking “crisis intervention” here, folks. This (the service in general) is so terrible it’s actually funny.


The not keeping the NES games makes sense since you’re not buying them, they are bundled in with the online package. With that said the horse shit part is needing to online verify them every 7 days. That’s some bullshit.


As bad as Switch online is, it’s still unfortunately the only way to actually back-up your save games. And considering how much emphasis they put on that feature it’s safe to assume we’ll never get a ‘copy to SD card’, so I might as well just hop in and swallow it. Thankfully it’s cheap.


It’s not even a reliable back up system tho, if your sub runs out they delete your cloud storage.


Yeah but what are the chances of your sub running out the same day your Switch breaks.

I mean I get it’s not ideal and I think only Microsoft is offering unlimited and free cloud backup this generation but it’s still way better than having zero backup at all.


Dunno how MS’s works. Sony lets you upload long as you have + but they dont delete your shit if the sub runs out.


They do six months after the subscription has ended.
Which isn’t quite as bad but still not optimal. Particularly as they also ask money for it like Nintendo.

As much as Microsoft messed up this generation, their cloud save system is far ahead and also free for everyone.


I like the work MS has been doing with Backwards Compatability as well, I’ll be getting an X1X someday in the feature for that feature alone.