Video Game General 6.1: Sharpen Your Swords Because Soul Calibur 6 Is Out Now!


Uh, the game isn’t out bro


As a member of the SRK Forum…you should feel ashamed for that question. :coffee:


Where’s the lol button when you need it.


Lost to the annals of time…


I am fine with this,

Not having a Online multiplayer on steam isn’t going to sway me any.


people playing a tourny for a unreleased game?
never heard of that before. unheard of for me. oh and i dont follow SC at all. so i wouldnt even know if it was released or what not. still doesnt really make sense to make a tourny for a unfinished game with empty slots. not to mention if your main isnt there you just dont even participate in said tourny cuz random lack of luck. silly tbh.


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Undertale switch collectors edition detailed

Microsoft’s new studio The Initiative hires ex god of war and red dead redemption devs

Uncharted movie has a script, is nearing production

Doom Eternal Switch is being deved by Panic Button, will be 30fps and be released same day


It’s not the first time, wont’ be the last. It’s just good PR for the game. It’s not like it’s got hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.


It’s not unusual. NRS and Capcom held Invitational tournaments for their games pre-release. It’s nice to see the game in the hands of people that don’t play like ass.


uploader of the SC6 vid shouldve called it exhibition match. like the DoA6 vid. which was pretty good btw. DoA has a new mechanic that PR Balrog was utilizing alot.

but i dont really know or figured out what it is.


It was not an exhibition match, it was a tournament. I mean, I guess an “exhibition tournament” but I think there was a reward, just not a massive one, so not really exhibition either.


It’s nice PR and it’s also a decent field test for the game as it’s still far enough away for the development team to make adjustments depending on what they saw during that weekend.

Edit: Wow this GRIS title looks seriously impressive. The animation at work there is sublime.


Bullshit on that nintendo switch cartridge thing. Like how they handled the Mega Man & Mega Man X Legacy Collections. They could have fit ALL of that on a 8GB cart or less. Hell the actual file size for Mega Man 1-10 is probably less than 1GB. It’s just nintendo being nintendo again. Hell also I bet those three Spyro games even remastared in hd are no less than 10GB total for the three. Hell I bet they could fight on a DL DVD (8GB).


…I think you missed the bit afterwards where I stated I didn’t know what Capcom was doing and am in agreement that they don’t have an excuse. I’m more talking about larger games that have to do what they gotta do to squash things down onto the system…


For those who still care



Patrick Soderland leaves EA

Dishonored series is taking a break

Bethesda urges Sony to change its stance on cross play, mostly for elder scrolls legends

Sumo Digital aquires The Chinese Room (Amnesia devs)


That’s cool, I am interested to see what else Arkane studios can do, I am sure they have more up their sleeves then just Magical Thief.


jim makes a good point. why block emus when your as does nothing with these old games unless you plan or putting em up online for the switch but i doubt it. cuz nintendo


Videogamedunkey - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

apparently he liked it enough to make a serious vid