Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


I wonder how it’s going to bomb.
No one yet made a good Superman game.

The NES, SNES, Genesis, N64 and I think PS1 all had Superman Games, and they all SUCK.
The only times a game with Super Man didn’t stink was Injustice 1&2 and Lego Batman 2


The problem with Superman is balance, outside of a few super powered enemies nothing should logically touch him. Building a game around him in the normal setting, major city Metropolis, with squishy humans to fight and save is difficult without crossing lines DC would not want their iconic character even be given the option for.


You REALLY ought to try a Sunwuko Bell Monk.

It is point, click, die… off-screen.

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Why on Earth…

I am hype for the game…

What an odd thing to say.


This is how you make a Superman game.

Don’t make it a action/adventure game where you have to fight bad guys as Superman.
Don’t make it a fighter, a RPG or any of that junk.

Make it a Life simulator as Superman/Clark Kent.
You have to make tough choices to balance out life as a Super Hero and a mild mannered Reporter.
Spend to much time as Superman and Clark’s social and even work life at the planet turns into shit
Spend too much time as Clark, and Metropolis and even the world will suffer.
And at every moment of every day (except for when a cut scene calls for it) you hear the pleas of everyone everywhere. There literally no way to help them all, so you have to pick and choose who to help.

Of course you have your Combat, you get some action as Superman, but the action isnt the main point.
And you aren’t just trying to save the day, but keep property damage to a minimum.
As you are a god on a throne made of glass in a world made out of wet cardboard.

Like there a kid on some rail road tracks, do you stop the train and possibility derail it and endanger the whole train or do you grab the kid and possibly if you aren’t careful emotionally scar the boy for life.


That sounds like the exact opposite of fun.


I’d wanna hit stuff, freeze stuff, and blow stuff up.

Maybe with the option to go into as fast-as-a-speeding-bullet-time, with rescuing peeps from various perils, as I speed by.

Chris Redfield got to punch a boulder, and it was so bad it was epic.

I want a Superman game where I get to punch Armageddon asteroids away from Earth.

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Superman and ‘keep property damage at a minimum’ sounds nigh impossible


If I was new to this forum I would think that post was an onion article but I’ve been around long enough to know that is most likely what Darksakul actually would prefer in a game.


It’s also the exact opposite of Every bad Super Man Game, and they are all bad.


I thought that the arcade game was a lot of fun, back in its day.

Kanye shrug

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cheh, I never played that build of Monk, actually… I had fun with the set and builds that employ the 7-sided strike, just because I love how that move looks…that and the dashing punch.

haha, the leveling is flowing like water— since the exp from Greater Rifts is insane…sometimes 4 levels go by like nothing because of how much the pay-out is at the end (I noticed gaining 4 levels off the last one because it was 700+ million exp!)… I’m up to GR42 at this point as the most recently completed one… paragon level is 165. Sheeeeit, my regular non-seasonal characters still just have paragon level 80-something…this will be a huge plus once seasonal wizard goes over to regular status. The damage is still off the charts like I could keep going much further in the rifts…I noticed one thing I hit was a critical of 62 billion…haha these numbers are just disgusting.


Did not know there was a Super man Arcade game.

I am thinking if a New Superman game to work, they need to get creative and care and understand the IP for once.


Cobble together a top tier build specifically for getting your GRifts to 70, so anything can start dropping Primal Ancients.

They are locked behind clearing a level 70 GRiift.


I liked the first Superman sega genesis game bitd


It played pretty well, but it felt kind of bland relative to the plethora of beat 'em ups on the Genesis and did not really reflect Superman’s abilities.


That would be neat, too bad Telltales Games is gone as I can’t think of any other developer that could handle it well.