Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


GameStop isn’t at fault for the shitty refurbishing though? They hire a company to do it. So it’s their fault.

Also, duh. I would never buy a refurbished system. Especially a 360. That’s basically throwing your money into a dumpster fire.


Very true, very true. All the revisions of the original body Xbox 360 are just poorly designed crap that breaks easy. Some later models are better than others like the Jasper board, but if your paying money for a Xbox 360, get ether Slim console the S or E consoles. Preferably the S console as the later E console has alot of corners cut to cheap out on the build quality (The E console is the Slim without any analog output, only HDMI Out).

Sad thing is as you go though the video, you do see it’s a Jasper board (one of the better revisions), and what they did to it just made the whole thing worst.
They really,really butchered the X-clamp mod and didn’t attach the board back to the Metal shell nor did they put any washers under the screw heads. Damage is irreversible as its damage to the PCB board substrate itself.

A little advice for anyone, if you buy anything Used or Refurb from Game Stop and it runs quite loud, take it back pronto. Better yet never buy Refurb, this video shows here who ever GS outsources for Refurbs have no idea what they are doing.
Better yet ask the sales rep to test the console out in store before buying. Do not buy a used/refurb console without testing, I don’t care if they have only one person on shift and they are busy ether get it tested or just don’t buy it.

Yep, it is Gamestop’s fault as they

  1. They did hire the repair shop, and didn’t check to see if they did the job correctly.
  2. Knowingly selling you a broken POS with a very short warranty (30 days), and it break shortly after the warranty is over with.

Agreed 100%. I just don’t know how well known that is to everyone else.
Some parent that haven’t touched a game console in a decade sees a cheap Xbox 360 (and sees very cheap games), thinks Refurb means better, buys their kid the system only to see they wasted their money as the console dies at day 31.


hahah that’s pretty dumb to buy a refurb of a system that just happens to be the most poorly constructed, bootleg piece of junk in the history of this industry.:rofl: I mean…maybe if one found it for like…20 bucks I could see that being a good deal.

…and this reminds me of how it’s an odd thing that 360 is also one of my favorite systems of all time. It was non-stop good times.


I didn’t watch the video but if dude buys a refurbished RROD model Xbox 360 he’s a fucking idiot.

My favorite experience with that model was when I had a RROD 360 that was modded with the Samsung drive (the best one) I sent it into MS to fix it because it was basically bricked at that point, and they sent it back to me with the RROD fixed and it was still modded. So they didn’t even care or check that the warranty was void and the warranty sticker was missing.


Well there is this

The guy in the video who bought that particular Refurb to see how bad they done it for video content.
The money me made from the views and sponsors more than paid for his cost at Gamestop.
He used to do repairs at one time, and man did the people who did the Refurb did a bad job.
Like I knew prior to this not to trust GS for Refurbs, but I didn’t think it was this bad.


I just checked out my damage with my Kyoshiro’s Blade on…

…800B on average, and it occasionally ticks for a TRILLION+.

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sheeeeit, I remember being so hyped to see trillion-damage numbers a while back on one of my characters…until I found out that it was only because of that damn gimmick weapon “Sever”, which just adds a stupidly high number to the killing blow…so it wasn’t like I was truly doing that much damage.:disappointed:

I’m sure the numbers will be even more insane with the upcoming patch gradually bumping up things even further with various set builds.
*up to paragon level 253 at this point… and I’ve now managed to pass GR50…still solo; haven’t grouped with anyone yet… if I recall there’s a 1-week free trial of Nintendo’s silly ass online service… I’ll use it on this game for sure.


I DO hope there is another, real patch, that includes new content, as well as giving a lot of the non-viable items some shine.

MY numbers are unbuffed - even by my own kit, I just found out.

…because when I actually do a Spirit Builder first, and activate Restraint, I get over 4 trillion, easily. :confused:

One of my favorite QoL imnotebook 9 pro rovements is how pets will pick upold for you now.

It streamlines things a lot.

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I really, really, really hope Nintendo doesn’t follow through with this. They’d destroy their own ecosystem


Maduk, Armor King, Julia, and Negan actually looks dope…plus the Pimp Lean is in!!

Harada ain’t playing!!


I really kind of doubt this unless they’re talking about smaller titles to pad out until the release of a new one like putting WWHD and TPHD on the platforms as ports. If that’s what they’re talking about then eh…

As long as they Grezzo or Tantalus doing that stuff and not the main Zelda team doing that type of stuff it probably won’t be too bad.

I highly doubt they’re trying to pull a CoD/Ass Creed/yearly sports title with this franchise. That’d be way out of their MO.



Pray they don’t treat Zelda like cod or ass creed.


Further insight regarding this post. All used consoles that GS have SHOULD already be tested. If you go to a GS and no they are pretty good peeps and aren’t lazy about their job then you have a pretty high chance of getting a used console that works fine. The only thing that would sku that % for the worse is shipment from other stores. Stores can’t control what product comes from what store. That being said…personally I never liked selling refurbished products since that meant it was busted before and it had to be fixed for something. I always went for used and often times went for procmduct that had our initials on it since I knew we tested it. Can’t say every store would go that far though.


I think I’m going to get SNKH. But I need the Asian english version so I can get a physical game I don’t do that digital shit unless there is literally no choice. And especially with this game, doubt I’ll find matches online, so when I’m done with combos, I can sell and get a few bucks back.

So…if I get an “Asia” region game, which countries PSN card/account do I need to buy DLC? Looking on PA, there’s a bunch of countries, so…


Pubg mobile and re2 are doing a crossover


The Pokémon Let’s Go soundtrack is actually a great deal. 100+ tracks for $10. Yeah a lot of them are just quick sound bytes and special effect tones but the actual music? :fire::kissing_heart:


Hong Kong would be fine


There’d enough memorable music in Ass Creed for a symphony?


CEO of Starbreeze resigning after the walking dead fails to sell

Sounds like yall need to make another Riddick game

Cyberpunk will not be at TGA

THQ buys carmmageddon IP

Ancestors will be at TGA

Hajime Tabata announces his new company

Radiant Silvergun might come to switch

Rage 2 will be at TGA