Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


What do you mean Rockstar is just as bad as EA Blizzard and Bethesda to where they just want your money! Not the same Rockstar that has gotten so much blood from the stone that is GTA Online and shark cards. No. No way they could be greedy.


I dunno how they didn’t see it coming, its just gonna be GTA online with horses.


It’s good thing I’m only interested in single player for Red Dead.

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Me to most “AAA” devs these days


WB Montreal will not be at VGA

Phil says they’ll stick with E3, also taking the feedback from X108

More MKXI rumors from a supposed QA, LARGEST GRAIN OF SALT

Reveal in VGA
It will have 4 years of dev cycle (1 year concept 3 year full development) longest to date.
Concepting actually even started while making MK X. They were always thought back to back games in terms of story
It has proper adventure mode , new version of Shaolin Monks type of gameplay. pretty big deal , you can play and customize your character in this mode,lots of items for customize weapons etc shit too. Also boxes (daily, buyable etc..)
Adventure mode is 2 player co-op , online or single. drop in drop out
Story mode and adventure are different both are included. story mode is normal NRS game style.
Story evolve about 3 main character
Punishing raiden ; hes now punishing anyone trying to even dare to attack earthrealm
Emperor liu kang and empress kitana ; preparing army and trying to find something of stone left from ages of those deity gods in MK universe(cant remember names elder god or something)
Shang Tsung and Reiko they made deal with Kotal Kahn to protect and rule outworld security , reiko has it's own agenda though gets killed middle of it.
Uses UE4 instead of UE3 like all other games of NRS
Animation cancel its actually not a.cancel but something of pseudo of it. Much as you can expect from a western company i guess looks infinitely better than MKX in terms of animations. Something similar to UMK.
Fujin is playable character
Johnny cage,goro,sonya,kano,baraka,mileena,ferratorr %100 not playable

I posted that red dead article on Facebook and cause a fucking shit Storm. Everyone who posted was defending microtransactions/pay to win/pay to accelerate (same fucking thing as pay to win). It’s really disheartening. I don’t get how people can be okay with such a predatory system.

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Because they have money to spend on being winners. People don’t care about fair, they care about “winning”.


Bethesda “doing the right thing” in order to avoid a class action law suit and because no one took their bullshit severance of 500 atoms.

What a great company. :unamused:


Well, I finally tried D3 online on Switch a little while ago, using my free trial… it’s about as soulless as one could imagine since there’s no kind of native chat with this system…because of course no one in their right mind wants to use their dumbass phone app, obviously. :rofl: C’mon, Nintendo… sometimes being “different” is just stupid. Anyway, I didn’t get quite what I was looking for… the 2 I got matched with were just doing regular rifts and bounties… that’s fine but I was more in the mood for Greater Rifts.

*After that I played a bit more solo again…now I’m up to Greater Rift 52, though I got killed a few times…I was still killing fast enough to have plenty of time in there to spare. Paragon level 297 now…also changed my build slightly to get the full deal out of the Tal Rasha set—previously I didn’t have room for an ice ability; I don’t want to give up my teleport so I dropped “force weapon”, sadly (I hate losing all that damage)…to get the frost ability where you have freezing air swirling around you. My wizard is SO goddamn badass, man. It’s scientific fact.

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There was a time when Square Enix was talking about doing that to Final Fantasy. It didn’t end well for them. I think Nintendo will come to their senses.

Bloodborne edit:

This sword is my destiny.


There are pick pockets in Saint Denis! I was robbing this poker game that’s above the gun store that went horribly wrong and went back in to see if I could attempt again. I opened the door and there was meaty NPC right at the door that bumped into me. Arthur told him to watch where he was going and the other guy said he was sorry. My money counter went down by about $100 and it took a hot second for it to register. ‘…???..Did you just?..YOU MOTHER FUCKER!’ Tore off after the guy and tackled his ass and threatened him enough to get my money back, THEN I knocked his ass out and took another $150 off of him.

This place is a trip right now…Try to be nice and give a ‘blind’ man some money only to watch the dude stand up, take his bandages off and then walk about like a normal person. It was just .50 but it was the principle of the matter so I ended up chasing his ass down and knocking him out too.

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Charlie Sheen won.

Then he got AIDS.

It is really quite analogous with the current state of our mutal hobby.


I know The Switch is already kind if a port machine but I would really like Capcom to port the Megaman Zero series to The Switch. I love this series but my biggest gripe with it has always been the modes of play, GBA’s have always been too small for how demanding these games are, and playing the collecrion on my 3DS is awesome, but the 3DS still isn’t ideal imo. The Switch tho would be fucking perfect.


Sundered looks great. Is this some sort of enhanced edition?

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Warranty Voided stickers are much cooler anyway.

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Sundered looks like a hot mess. The entire time I had no idea wff was going on due to how chaotic everything was. What was good? What was bad? Where the fuck is your character? Confusing stuff.


So I expect hacks to be inbound.
Maybe then it be worth it to buy a PS1 Classic


sheeeeeit, I’m STILL behind on the whole PS4 thing…yeah I’ve managed to put it off this long… Bloodborne is still on a high priority list for me whenever I get around to buying that system.

D3-- Greater Rift 54 has been defeated now… paragon level 312… Rienzi the Wizard continues his ascension to godhood.


EH, I have created HK PSN…it occurs to me I still have 50 PSN bucks on US, wont use it since I’m getting SNKH Asian.

Are there any good games that I can’t get physically?