Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


I been following the consoleized GBA develop for like a year. Glad it’s almost ready for order.




Activision appears to be teasing a Crash Team Racing Remake to possibly be showing up at VGA

Chances of this happening are really high considering what Activision is doing. Of course rumor and all that but those dice, the letter that comes with it, and the fact that Eurogamer seems to be corroborating on this…feels like it’s at least 85% probability.


A new/remastered CTR would be cool. I don’t find it necessary but it’s still cool.


I would support a remake of the GOAT kart racer. Do eeeeeeeeeeeeeettt


Noooooooooooooo we definitely do NOT need a remake of Super Mario Kart. Let classics be classics. Devs need to make new games not hd remakes.

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They are wasting the successor to Test Drive Unlimited on the Switch. Nobody’s even going to buy it on there.


Rockstar announces it’s first fixes to RDO

Economy is one of the first things they plan to adjust

WB Montreal won’t be at VGA, but may have dropped a hint that their next game may be Court of Owls related

Battlefield V’s first dlc has issues, gets delayed

Overwatch teases Winter Wonderland event


They just gonna drop the Suicide Squad plot they setup?


Beth, you disappoint
You are weak for giving in, fuck those people who brought the specialty edition nonsense.


Damn I may get that Subnautica game. It looks pretty badass and has great reviews from the PC version that’s been out for a while. Being (almost) newly certified in SCUBA it is right up my ally.


That Mr. X gameplay gives me complete confidence that an REmake 3 needs to happen. Mr. X just casually walking into a room you’re in like ‘KNOCK KNOCK BITCH!’ is going to be great. They could make Nemesis even more terrifying. He’ll just Kool-Aid man some of the rooms you are in.


They’d rather make the bags that were promised in the first place than face a class action lawsuit

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RE3 simply needs to be DLC for Re2 Remake. The original game was basically a side story with the same setting & different doors opening.

Code Veronica should be fully remade if anything, it was the REAL RE3


Naughty Dog will not be showing anything The Last of Us Part II related at Game Awards

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Good. I hate when companies just bombard us with content and videos of a game before they come out. Even if I had interest in playing Spiderman I feel like I wouldn’t even see anything new due to the hundreds of videos they put out pre-release.


Posted this in the DMC thread but I figured I’d post it here too.


Gotta let it out gotta let it out

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Gamespot has more RE2 footage

IGN gameplay