Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


^^This is a perfect example of what I mean about too much media coming out about a game. It’s like there is no point in even playing RE2 if you just watch the bajillion videos they put out.


The game is only a month away. I don’t think Capcom has revealed enough of the game that I feel I seen most of it.

Mr. X has a nice hat.

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I just feel like I’ve seen A LOT of RE2 videos in the long posts that he makes.

Anyone get Monster Boy today?


I really don’t think they’ve spoiled much of anything for the game with what’s been put out. But you always have the option of not looking at the vids if you think you’ve seen enough of a game.


How can you spoil a game that’s already been released? Like I get that it’s a remake but the game has been out for a long time.


By showing videos of it? I am not talking about the story, just about how everything looks and plays, etc.

And I don’t click on em and I don’t care about it being spoiled for me. I just don’t like the direction the industry has gone with thinking they have to pump out tons and tons of videos showing off the game. And I’m glad that Naughty Dog isn’t following the trend. They will let us see it for the first time when we play through it.


This game doesn’t look to be a identical remake of 2 from a story standpoint. Just from the available videos there’s heavy deviation in the story of REmake 2.


consider the time gap and new born people during that time…i am sure a lot of people dont know the story.


I guess that’s a good reason.

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Ninja Gaiden!!!

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If anyone can be a threat to Steam it would be Epic.


I had to google who Epic Games were.


Yeah damn them for giving people what they actually paid for. I wish they didn’t cave so Bethesda could have gotten sued to high heaven. Fuck them and their buggy ass games. People need to stop buying them. PC modders need to stop fixing their games for them. They need to release games that work and when they don’t work THEY need to fix it. Lazy bastards ported over Fallout 4 code to Fallout 76 bugs and all. They were even too lazy to port over the PC modders patches that fixed those very same bugs in Fallout 4. Nobody should be Stanning for Bethesda. They need to be boycotting them until Bethesda can put out working products. You’d think they have their shit together. They’ve been using the same rendition of this engine since Obama’s first term.


Yeah. Bethesda has always been a shitty company. From their practices to their content they produce. Always been garbage, always will be garbage.

The fact they get away with much bullshit as they do is fucking astounding

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Not really somewhat game related but Easy Allies is doing well enough that they are able to move into a studio

Good on these guys, been rooting for them ever since GT shut down.



Does RC Pro Am count?


I share your sentiment. Their reviews had the best combination of conciseness and production quality I have ever witnessed. I still watch some of them to this day. Some of their retrospectives were also well done.


You Lieing sack of shit lol.


No? I legit had no idea who they were.