Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


The experimental simplified mechanics, layers of meters, cut corners, and kawaii scourge have made new instalments in fighting game franchises that I still play to this day unpalatable and that makes me sad. I used to look forward to a new fighting game announcement, but now I just wonder when and how they will disappoint me. Only game that has not disappointed me this generation was Injustice 2 and that is because it features a relatively new gameplay design, is well produced, and has no competition. While it has room for improvement (like removing clashes), it remains the best I can find, so I stick with it.

P.S. I still look at EventHubs because I have hope that one day another great fighting game will be announced that can compete with the classics and they are relatively quick with fighting game reveal information.


If Starbreeze goes down THQnordic will be there to buy up whatever they have.

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I feel really, really bad about being in the same boat, then.

I don’t lie.

I couldn’t tell you one game by Epic.

(I just clicked the thread, your post was the first one I saw, I clicked the quote attached)

I’ll go Google, though.

I hate being ignorant.


Oooooh… Fortnite.


It makes sense, now.

I don’t DO the whole MMO F2P $$$DLC


I had no clue Epic made Fortnite until you just said that @Azure lol. But then again I also could see a screen shot or video of that game and wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is.

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I only might have been able to tell you what it was, if I had three guesses - Battleborn, Fortnite, or Overwatch.

And that’s only because I heard of them in passing, and my mind still managed to subconsciously infer, and to index things together… I’m a veritable encyclopedia of [useless] fact[iod]s.


Clicked on the YT video for the Nintendo Online games this month, just to se the Like-to-Dislike ratio.

Was not disappointed lol!

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People are still being pissy neck beards over the fact there’s no virtual console. It’s honestly annoying


some old screenshots of games i played in the past. some funny. some not.
just decided to share a few.

here in Sleeping Dogs i kidnapped a girl off the street, took her to my apartment, and started working out, doing some kung fu on the wooden dummy to impress her

sleeping dogs glitch, just a head on a sofa

sleeping dogs again. another glitch. floating cigarette smoking itself mid air.



Dancing with the Devil under a pale blue moonlight.

Banksy Mona Lisa in Remember Me.
i really liked this game’s art style.

2B cant handle the bright ass desert sun without her blindfold.

i just thought this perfectly encapsulates Lara Croft. like it should be the box cover art or something.


PSVR continues to be a sleeper hit. Sony needs to keep the momentum going.

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I’ve been trying to tell you all but nope, all I do is get laughed out of the thread :frowning:

PSVR is definitely what has taken up most of my gaming time this year probably. Astro Bot and Moss are probably 2 of the best games I’ve ever played and they do for platforming and VR what N64 did for Platforming and 3D gaming.

And with Beat Saber just coming out, damn that game is sick and I can’t wait for DLC music packs to come out. It’s just fun as shit and anyone can pick it up and play it.

I’m guessing Sony is working on PSVR2 for PS5 too, and hoping that the success of PSVR is a proof of concept to make a more powerful one for next gen.

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Well, just acquired a particular weapon in God of War. That shit brought a slight tear to my eye. Game is godlike so far (pun intended)


This dumbass is selling illegal emulation boxes with his name on them. Nintendo lawyers is going to rip him a new asshole.


Souljaboy just chiseled his own grave stone.


Nintendo DAT HOE!!!;

INSERT Joker laughing gif


Soulja boy still relevant? Doesn’t matter anyway since he about to get Thanos clapped by Nintendo.


Fuck. Bethesda.


Capcom working on a game that will “wow fans” and make them go “they’re really making this?!”


Crab Fight