Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


Yeah no. SNK wouldn’t have simplified the game if it were a PS4 exclusive or even a PS4/XB1 game, or if Switch was the ‘afterthought’ version. Who did they think would buy it? I, myself am an outlier, and only want to mess with the combo system…as obviously there isn’t even a point in fighting someone in a “FG” where you literally can’t mix someone up, I’d imagine they only way you start a set, is that your button beat their button.

And no one has addressed TDU, so I’m supposed to buy a $300 console to play a game that thrives online, and no one will be playing because Switch players aren’t going to buy the game? If you think any real racing game is going to sell on the Switch, you have no sense.

Literally the consoles can all 3 be divided into what you’re going to play solo and online. Racing and fighting are XB1 and PS4 things, respectively. I wouldn’t get my mileage out of TD, literally.


Look, not going waste anymore time on this. You are wrong. Everyone is telling you are wrong. The developers say you are wrong. If you want to continue to look foolish be my guest man.


You literally have no proof of this. You’re just saying shit to say shit. Tons of fighters have used simplified control schemes. Not to the extreme of SNK Heroine but they’ve still use simplified control schemes and combo systems. Persona 4 Arena, DBFZ, MvC3, and Tekken 7 have all had simplified controls and combo systems in some form or fashion.

So quit spewing misinformation and stfu.

Edit: also looking at SNK heroines why in the fuck do you expect it to be some amazingly deep fighter? Just watch a game play video. The game is more about dressing up your waifu and filling the screen up with glitter and strobe lights while watching your character do silly shit. It doesn’t even have a traditional health meter. It’s not meant to be taken even remotely seriously.


I highly doubt it. The Switch can support Doom 2016 without too much issue. Much of the Switch library have some pretty in depth and complex titles. SNK made the game simple as they want too.

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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is really fucking good. I was going to just try it out last night and started at 7:30 and next thing I know it’s 10:30. I played it for 3 hours straight and thought it had been like an hour. I’m glad it’s long because I plan on playing it on my flights next week on my trip.


Oh and also, DMC5 is whack. The demo is boring as shit and the gameplay feels so generic. Maybe it’s because you have nothing unlocked yet but it’s just boring as hell. It tries to hard with the music during battles but everything is so slow so it just feels so forced. I got to the big boss and got him like 1/2 down to health and turned it off. Just so boring.

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@purbeast That’s DMCs secret. They’ve always been that way.



The last one I liked was on PSX so it’s been a long time. But the combat (at least what I remember) was always fun and fast. Maybe I’m just remembering Dante from MVC3 and how badass he is in that and not how he was in the DMC games.


DMC1 was a PS2 game. Everything Dante has and can do in MVC3 he has in DMC3 and then some.

Only reason any DMC feels slow is because you’re not good at it yet. The better you understand the system the faster you play it. Also some of the later games added Turbo mode, but the first game never had anything like that so I don’t think that’s what you’re thinking of


See it’s been so long ago I don’t even remember the console it was on.


And that is part of why they will never be great.


You’re so fucking stupid it’s head ache inducing.


It is kind of hard to mistake PSX-era polygon models for those that succeeded them.

P.S. I will need to check out the new Monster Boy at some point.


That is literally a sign of your skill level.


Joker’s appearence in smash is emblematic of what expect for the dlc characters

Reggie was also asked about P5 coming to Switch and essentially said he can’t comment on that. Sounds like there isn’t anything in the works for a port right now based on what he said but it wouldn’t be ruled out.


This is fucking dumb logic. Even though they have short cuts on commands and combos they’re there as an alternative to help with the learning curve. They’re actually optional and don’t effect the game play at all unlike SNK Heroines where the you do full screen combos with juggles and a super with just a few button presses. Also, with Tekken 7 and their simplified combo mechanics can’t be used in Ranked or Tournament mode.

Aside from MvC3 they’re all great games.

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best song at the VGA

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He hasn’t played any of them so he wouldn’t know fuck all about them.


That is certainly likely. Out of the 4 I mentioned I have only played MvC3 but I know that the other 3 are praised and I followed their scenes pretty closely. They’re good games. I mean P4A is a dead game but it was good when it was relevant