Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!

This is dissapointing…

I literally said, Heroines not a deep fighter. You can’t mix up, there is no neutral, nor any of the stuff that makes an actual fighting game, a fighting game. AGAIN, all I want to do is do combos in training mode, that’s literally ALL I would do.

And as for the comical effects, Gal’s Fighter has all of that shit, and guess what, it’s a legit FG compared to SNKH. Even then, just from the trailers you can clearly see more juggles than KOF14, and OTG’s, and just a more open combo system. There are definitely combos to explore, and that’s why I’m even interested.

Im still going with Nintendo courted SNK therefore they made the game easy mode.

And I find it funny that no one still has tried to refute me on the other game, which means I’m right. And also right about SNKH.

No one tries to refute you, like NeverYouMind, because neither of you listen.


Lol. No.



You have your head stuck up your own ass. There is nothing that supports the dumb shit you said and you don’t care for anything that points to the contrary. No one wants to waste their time on a dumbass.


Just finished campaign in Beat Saber. There are some tough levels. Hardest one was the 3rd to last one but once I beat that the next two were pretty simple. Game is so fun, I can’t wait for DLC track packs to come out.

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Yeah…kinda figured going in and explaining all the flaws was pointless.

They are the brainchild of a weak mindset. In the words of JFK, “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” Accepting it as the norm breeds weakness and complacency instead of greatness. It is a band aid trying to cover up a structural weakness in design.

P.S. I recall an acquaintance from TZ complaining about one button combos in online ranked (Tekken 7).

Damn it Sakurai, just remake the game in HD with the same voice acting or hand it to someone that will. I get saying that is stupid but I really want to play it with dual analog and on a TV if possible!

An interesting article about the current state of Gamestop:

gamestop only got big cos of ps2, xbox, gamecube used games being sold.
now that most games are digital. bye bye gamestop. i stopped buying from GS the minute they stopped selling used ps2 games. i bought like a hundred games there.
feel sorry for anyone who thought they would work till they retire from that business. sam goody and barnes and noble peeps too.
if it isnt a clothing, pharmacy, or supermarket, 90% chance your business is gonna suffer the internet purge.

As long as physical copies of games are available, that is always going to be my preferred method of purchasing games and I will even go out of my way to get a physical version.


I prefer phsyical as well, these companies are liable to remove digital games and content from Live/PSN at a moment’s notice.

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I guess we’ll agree on that.

Digital is stupid. It has 1 benefit, if you’re a lazy fuck; not going to the store. But I mean GS sells it at 9PM the night before now, and even a typical big launch is done within 10 minutes, and even so you can still get it a 24hr Walmart with maybe one other dude looking for Dat Madden.

Also pricing, I just looked at some random games on the online stores, and some shit amazes me. DB Xenoverse 1 still like 40 bucks? Are you fucking kidding me? I’m sure GTA5 is still 60. You can get those games for like 5 and 15 bucks respectively. They’re going to hold older games hostage with those pricings.

I bought GTA at launch on XB1 then double dipped off Craigslist for PS4 for 20 bucks, when it was still a 60 game. Couldn’t do that digitally. Just traded in Fallout 76 for 30, can’t do that digitally.

Like I said, if XBOX fucks up next gen with policies, or either system embraces digital only, I’m def going PC only. PS may still have it’s use as a fighting game machine, but I’ll just quit and play the few titles that trickle to PC, and of course old games, which are better anyway.


Speaking of gamestop, I didn’t even know the reward points expire. I haven’t bought a game there since 2013 and my 8800 points are rip. Buying the switch from there gave like 2500 points. I think 10k points is only like a $10-15 gift card anyway.

Last night was the first time I had bought a game at GameStop since I worked there probably over 3 years ago. They got physical edition exclusivity for Katamari Demacy ReRolled so I went and grabbed it after work. It’s also available digitally but for whatever reason I can justify spending $30 on a digital title.

I knew that GS would eventually be affected by digital sales, but I usually prefer buying physical unless there is a good sale to buy a digital version of a game. That way I can still sell off a crappy game and get something in return.

I wouldn’t be surprised if another wave of stores gets phased out next year.

As much as GameStop is suffering I doubt they’re going to go anywhere anytime soon. People still go their in droves due to exclusives like dlc and collector editions.

My local gamestops have move to selling game related merchandise than actual games. That’s likely become there main business model as physical releases become more niche.