Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


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You can thank them buying think geek a few years ago for that. My local GameStop i went to last night was pretty much the same. They had gaming merch fucking everywhere but with no rhyme or reason. It looked fucking horrible. Made me glad I don’t work there anymore.

God that kingdom hearts trailer.

Fuck! January 29th can’t be here sooner.

Take my fucking money.

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I also enjoyed physical, but with physical game discs becoming glorified installation disks requiring further updates I would rather just keep a backup external hard drive. Additionally, since a plethora of games are not available in a physical form the restriction feels far too limiting.

But you can resell the installation disc. Therein lies the difference. And like I said US setting the prices on the used market is better than no used market.

Nobody’s going to be willing to try a game they’re on the fence about with no way to recoup money, or wait years for the game to reach a price that physical would’ve reached within months.

Personally, if I don’t buy a game on day one, the only time I may get it is when it’s possible to grab for the cost of lunch. I’m not paying 40-50 for anything that’s been out more than 6 months, should be 20-30 and that’s pushing it, especially if it has an online component that’s dead after a month. With online stores those games will be 30 or higher for years.

Not an issue for me as I rent games I am unsure about keeping for the long term and do not resell any of those I own. I do not use any online features so games do not die for me even if they are seldom played by others.

Reputable digital stores have refund policies. If I don’t like a game for any reason a refund is a support ticket away.

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I caved and bought Soulcalibur VI. Immediately I went straight to character creation. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep her with the same style (currently Mitsurugi), but here’s my horrific drow lady.


They don’t “require” updates. It’s just that you are connected to the net so it automatically updates them. 99% of games will work just fine without any additional updates at launch.


Fucking THANK YOU.

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Hey we have a thread for Create a Characters if you want to post what you come up with in one place.

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A number of them do require updates to access everything, even most Nintendo games have day one updates.

I find it ridiculous that obsidian gets unreal praise for making one semi-decent game (questionable) despite it being plagued with the same issues every Bethesda game has


That and they nearly tore it self apart with internal company politics while working on New Vegas.

I find it ridiculous that obsidian gets unreal praise for making one semi-decent game (questionable) despite it being plagued with the same issues every Bethesda game has

If anything their one crack at Fallout was bugger than anything Bethesda made.

Funny that this will be Obsidian’s first original IP ever.

I would not hold my breath from anything worth wild from a Obsidian/Microsoft joint venture

The dog bone controller is such a huge improvement over the original. 8Bit Do also makes a connector so you can play PS3/PS4 controllers on NES.

Bethesda rushed the game out the door. It’s bad enough that they were forced to use a shitty engine. They weren’t given enough time to iron out the game.

Obsidian has other good games under their belt like KotOR 2, Pillars of Eternity, and South Park: Stick of Truth

Oh, shit, sorry about that.

Question: does playing Mitsurugi make me a basic bitch?

Because New Vegas was much closer to OG Fallout than Bethesda’s offerings.

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Because Obsidian had SOME of the original Interlplay Staff
They had two guys that played off each other for the writing, one guy is almost Warhammer 40k levels of Grimdark, and the other guy is Monty Python levels of Silly, somehow in between you got Fallout 1 & 2.
New Vegas tries to emulate that, but comes short in a few areas.

Bethesda knows it can’t do the writing, not because they lack talent but because you need two individuals with very particular mind sets to work that can also work with each other well.

That said FUCK Obsidian and their little game. I really don’t get why they are getting so much praise.
If the Interplay outlook/flavor of Fallout was so good, Interplay shouldn’t gone belly up as they did.
They never really profited from the Fallout series, and they also made the worst two Fallout games ever.
Tactics and Brotherhood of steel, where they abandoned everything Fallout is to where Bethesda has a closer vision of that Fallout is than what Interplay did with tactics and Brotherhood of Steel.