Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!

No man, I wasn’t saying it to be critical. I was just letting you know.

Smash is breaking some records in the UK

I think its probably nothing more than Nindy protecting its ip, but this also could be new developments for the switch.

Wouldn’t mind a Galaxy collection remaster…or maybe both games combined since Galaxy 2 felt more like an expansion than a full on sequel.


Just when I think I’ve gotten out of The Witcher addiction they pull me back in!!!


Wow…that’s a boat load of content!!


Kinda lame to reveal new MHW content now for such a long ass wait.

Considering the amount of bitching I’ve seen from western gamers(on reddit/gamefaqs), it was probably just trying to get them to chill out. People even after the Autumn announcement are like DEAD GAME DEAD GAME, or whatever other incredibly brainless shit they say.

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Next fall for the expansion seems normal to me.

Here’s hoping it’s the same for PC too.

South Korea makes boosting illegal

Nintendo says participating in E3 is a no brainer

Stardew valley on switch is getting multiplayer update this week

Episode 3 of walking dead is coming jan 15th

Been thinking about grabbing a MH game. I like the one on Switch, but I had fun with the PS4 one too…hmmmm…

In other news…


Oh look more remakes. Shocker.

Gaming industry is looking more and more like Hollywood.

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I’ll take vgs going Hollywood over being lost to time any day of the week.

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I’m sure there are literally dozens excited about the panzer dragoon remakes.



It’s a day one as long as they are solid. Maybe that’ll lead to PD:Saga being remastered/remade and Orta going multiplatform (I hear it looks awesome in the 1X bc).

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BG&E2 is looking super hot, but it also kiiiinda doesn’t look like BG&E lol.

I’m still hype tho, their ideas and what they have so far look and sound awesome.

Also count me as one of the dozens hype about Panzer Dragoon remakes. Would be cool if it lead to a modern release of Saga but I really don’t see that happening…ever.

Development news via Twitter(?)

I’d feel more confident if this was part of the AGES line up, but I’ll remain positive here.

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Fuck Yeah, make this for the Switch and I am sold

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For those who haven’t seen this yet