Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


it really doesnt matter, reviewers will be bought.

im in it because there hasnt been a sandbox where you’re OP since saints row 4, and that shit was stupid



Lego Marvel collection announced

Ps4 and xbone…switch mysteriously absent.




Just watch the Crackdown 3 movie, it’s called “Hobbs and Shaw”



Salt and the dumpster fire will be hilarious. Shame cause I kinda liked crackdown 1.

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God Eater 3 might come to Switch

Guacamelee 1 2 punch collection announced

Coming may 28th for ps4 and switch



Crackdown 1 was great. I played the shit out of that game and remember having so much fun with it. Then came part 2 that was whack. And now 3 looks even whacker than 2, and been in development way too long.

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I’m amazed that it looks the way it does with all this dev time. Like how much money was injected into this game? Smh

MS need to get their shit together and give me a next Fable that doesn’t look like ass.



While I was never a fan of the Fable, it’s amazing how badly Microsoft fumbled the series after the third game.



2nd was trash and the 3rd was just shit.



Vivox is helping to bring voice chat support to 3rd party games on the switch

So…3rd parties are going to have a better voice chat system than the company the system belongs too…smdh

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the problem with neveryoumind and stuart_hyden or whatev his name was, imo, is that they come off as incredibly egotistical with their assumption that their tastes and opinions are objective instead of subjective. they think only their opinion matters and only their tastes are good.
i mean, i too sometimes come off like that at times, im self aware, but the difference is i’m open to being criticized and even better, corrected when i’m wrong.
you gotta admit to yourself when you’re wrong and not serve your own butthurt ego. its the only way to grow as a person.
stu and nym refuse to ever even consider themselves as wrong or that their personal tastes are just that. tastes. when they cockily think their likes=fact.

that is me playing pop psychologist to 2 dudes i dont know the identities of and who ive never met irl lol lol.



What did Stu do to you?



nothing. i liked him. at least he was entertaining. its alot more boring here without him tbh.



MK11 Kombat Kast starts in around half a hour

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This is Stu in a nutshell lol



Is she really saying that? Her mouth movements seem off.

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There is nothing quite like Fable: The Lost Chapters as far as presentation and plot coherency is concerned in the genre of action role-playing games. The breadth of combat options is also amusing albeit slightly shallow and simplistic, but does not take anything away from what it does well. The rest of the games bearing the title “Fable” never lived up to that one release. Neither did the Anniversary Edition remake.

P.S. There is no way to talk about a subject without inserting personal bias into the conversation. If something is clearly subjective, there is no way to be right or wrong. It is possible to be selectively blind, dominant, passive, passive-aggressive, or indifferent when stating your reasoning, however.



Kabal is in MK11 fuck yeaa!! Though he doesn’t have gas blast anymore which is a load of shit.




@Evil_Canadian Is slipping. Boon is going to revoke his Shill Pass.