Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


PS+ used to always give out good shit that was fairly new on both ps3 and vita. Hasn’t been that was at least since ps4 dropped though. Or should I say since plus was made mandatory to be able to play online.

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According to this, EA believes that Battlefield V flopped because they chose to focus on single player instead of shipping the game with a battle royale mode



They shipped the game, alright.

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I said as much would happen.

I was lambasted and booed by idiots.

@ said idiots:

'Dat pudding… thick, innit, marks?



Time to abandon hope on Star Wars games



Wow…that’s quite a “fuck you” to Star Wars fans.



The sooner that people wake up and realize that The Minstrel Mouse is more like The Scots Duck channeling Thaddeus Plotz, the better.



You know who was good at video games Disney?..




EA does not know how to read the market.

Sony: does not release games themselves often, but when they do “usually” their single player games are top tier. God of War, Spider-man and so on.

Nintendo: when they release a single player game, its almost always a Instant Classic (example Breath of the Wild).

Microsoft: When Microsoft Releases a single player Game [ GirlsLaughing.jpreg]

But … Disney dissolved the studio, and there nothing left of the game publisher.



Disney worked with one of the best racing game studios we had last gen (Black Rock) but shut them down after releasing two excellent games under the Disney label.

‘We never managed to demonstrate much skill on the publishing side’ is surprisingly honest and spot on.

EA is basically the same kind of clueless right now but because they sell tons of sports games every year their financial numbers always look decent so they probably look like a great publisher to the uninitiated.



Disney published the 2008 Turok reboot. It was actually successful but they still closed down the studio and publisher. No wonder Disney likes EA so much.



Apparently steam put up trophy lists for MK11 briefly and Erron Black might have got leaked

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The balls to try and sell people Assassins Creed III again lol.



Fuck Assasin’s Creed.

I’m still mad at the first one. :angry:



They know why BFV “undersold” (if you could call selling 7 million copies that). They’re just trying save face for the investors. Underselling because your name is mud and gamers hate the dumb shit you said/pulled is less “fixable” than “we just didn’t have BR this go-around. We’ll have it next time.”



Red Dead 2 sells 23 Mill

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Does that include the hardware bundled ones?

If so, then I contributed. :v:



So, you’ve seen the light. Do not fear it, embrace it and enjoy ignoring many games that you paid pennies for. Also learn to pirate and not feel bad about it.



Beat Saber expert+ is fucking ridiculous. I can get S on all of the expert levels easily now with a couple full combos, but I can’t even last 20 seconds in a song on expert+. But we’ll see, when I first got Beat Saber I couldn’t even finish a hard song when first trying them, let alone expert.

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Lol, pirating made me spend a lot of money on stuff I pirated. Reverse effect. :joy:

As for the rest, it has more of the type of games I enjoy playing. I’d love to have Anniversary Collection for SF but I’m probably better off hopping on Fightcade for everything not 3S.

Outside of SF5, the PS4 isn’t actually bringing in anything compelling gamewise for me at the moment.

Also, Dead Cells is a fucking grind. Holy shit. Unfortunately not as fun of a grind as Wizard of Legend. I’m enjoying it a lot but I’m having a hard time deciding whether to do everything on it.

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