Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


7 million is underwhelming for EA because being stable isn’t enough for them. They want to always make higher and higher numbers which is unsustainable.



For me, it was music back in the hay day of music downloads with Napster and other file sharing programs

Too bad companies dont realize that effect and know how to leverage it



Loved AC3!!
The soundtrack, the time period, dual wielding combat, Connor & Haythem’s storyline and it paved the way for the naval combat in AC4.



I’ve been getting more into the Hard levels and doing okay on some of the slower songs (I get A’s usually on Normal) but that Expert level looks insane. Like holy shit.

On another note, i just finished my first run of Bloodborne and I have to say that game has ruined me on other arpg/whatever type games. Fuck is it good! I’m starting a second run and it sucks to be so weak after grinding it out with my first character and being able to murder everyone, but I guess that’s the challenge of it. It’s a game I really hope they don’t make a sequel to because it’s perfect as it is.

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You’d be better off hopping on Shitecade even for 3s.

I was thinking about spending my money on a gaming PC but once that new SamSho game was announced, I said fuck it and bought a PS4 and I’m glad I did. Between the PS4 library, PSVR, and Remote Play, I think I’m set and feel like I spent my money well. Plus, you know any tourney’s they have, console will be what they use.

What are you looking at on PC that isn’t on console?



The fact that you call SFV compelling is worrisome.

Get your head right, Luke.

I am currently deciding on what my main party is going to be in Etrian Odyssey Nexus.

I think I am going with:


The frontline options are so stacked, I am going full contrarian.



Every time people say “AC” I think they’re talking about Ace Combat or Armored Core and get excited, but then it’s always just fucking Ass Creed.



ha, so many remasters of games… seems to be the thing this gen going forward… like 2 or 3 years after Anthem releases we’ll see “ANTHEM: REMASTERED” on PS5 and whatever they call the new Xbox.

Smash Ultimate - I made yet another Mii fighter I named “Turdburgla” and put him in the game; brawler and again as a gunner type.

Great moments in portable gaming— so traffic was unbelievably stupid after work yesterday, as it was pouring down raining (not sure why people lose their ability to drive sensibly in the rain…it’s just rain! It looked like literally everyone in the city was out on the street at the same time)…but I had Switch with me as usual… so I just got in some quality game-time for a while there in the parking lot, waiting on the traffic to ease up…Smash, Dead Cells, Dragon Marked for Death…I have about 30 games on Switch at this point…with a full charge [I always bring the ac adapter plug as well]; sheeeeeit.



Have you seen videos of expert+? If you think expert looks insane, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Its the current SF game. I have some plans for the SF5 subforum that necessitate me being able to get online with it.

A lot of metroidvanias mostly. I enjoy 2D games the most and there’s a dearth of them on steam. A lot of the Triple A stuff doesnt’ really appeal to me. There’ll be a few games I’ll want to play, Horizon Zero Dawn high on that list, but outside of that not much.

A lot of these do get ported over to the consoles. But because I’ve started buying them on PC, I don’t really want to split where I keep all the games. Need to update my wishlist to keep tab on games. The hilarious irony of my PC gaming thingy is that I don’t really enjoy FPS games (outside of Borderlands 2) and won’t do MMO (tried it, they play too well into my need to do inane things for ours on end).

So yeah, silly 2D games is what I have a sort of gaming PC for. Well got it to do audio editing, but it does silly 2D gaming now. So if you guys have recommendations. Just finished Cave Story (although should go back to get the good ending) and I’m slugging through dead cells. Have Owlboy, Ori and the Blind Forest and a couple of other ones on deck too. Bought one but unfortunately it turned out to be furry bullshit ( Dust: an Elysian tale…its technically good but I can’t deal with with said furry bullshit).

ohh…I can make categories for games. Means I can set up all the games I’ve finished in there with steam. :thinking:

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I couldn’t get into Horizon Zero Dawn. I got it when it was $20 and played it for like 2 hours and just wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t played it since.




THAT connotation of compelling.

Well then. :+1::+1:



I tried Apex Legends last night and had a lot of fun with it. I’ve always liked the concept of a battle royale game but could never get into Fortnite because it sucks big fucking donkey balls. Apex is fun as hell though, and I’m probably gonna spend some more time with it to explore the different characters and shit.



Looks like some previews for DMCV got put up


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As if modern games weren’t dumbed down enough already.

/s /s… possible /s :coffee:

Dont most games have easy mode?

Practice mode used to be “playing”.


Not everything is for everyone.

Even Prefontaine didn’t get gold.

I am sure there will be first place medals for finishing dead last, soon enough.

Propers though, to the Super Punchout speed runs done blindfolded.

They’d never have been able to do so without first doing it sighted, but hey, y’know… THAT’S OKAY.



HZD is one of the few games where I’m just legitimately interested in the story. The trailer looked amazing. So now I’m wondering what the what is going on with that whole thing.

Yeah, got stuff to do with it.

There’s a lot of cool looking indie games on steam TBH. Like the super nintendo did a fusion dance with the future. Pretty fucking bomb TBH.

Boy just spend 5 dollars on two games on steam. Breaking the bank.

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I’m gonna finish HZD at some point. I really wish I had played that game first before BotW.


Upcoming Switch bundle revealed, will come with $35 in eshop money



apparently the DMC5 will demo will hit this week.

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The DMC5 Demo is out right now. Has a new arm for Nero and access to Nicos shop.