Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


Monster Hunter movie is coming in 2020

Metal Gear Solid movie and Norman Reedus talk about (read: hype up) Death Stranding

Itsuno chose to do DMCV over Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dice Award 2019 nominees



Wonder how the controls will be in those games? I figured it would just be the console version of Baldur’s Gate and such but they’re the PC versions. hmmmmmmm

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I wonder as well. There some great PC to console ports and there been some questionable ones.



I got an S rank on Leon A. Got a handgun with unlimited ammo as a reward. I’m gonna go ham on zombies on my Claire B run.



New Shenmue 3 trailer will becoming March 9th

Killer Queen Black pushed back to Q3

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I’m curious, what were your stats when you got the S rank? Like the time, number of saves, etc. I’m assuming that is how it’s all calculated?



When I was a kid seeing Gygas on earth bound scared the shit out of me

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I can’t go back.

Played them to death years ago.

Icewind Dale 1 is still king, imo.

Two Fighters, Paladin, Fighter-Thief, Cleric-Mage and Cleric, for Best Party ™.

Pale Justice.

Act like you know.

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I finished in 3 hours and 7 minutes and I had 15 saves. According to some sites I been to rank goes off clear time and nothing else. Only S+ has specific conditions. Having to complete the game within 3 hours in hardcore, allowing only 3 manual saves and without using bonus/DLC weapons.



Fuck, I’m playing Baldur’s Gate II here and there. Got all these mods and shit for it so I just been fuckin’ around. Game is great. All those PCRPGS are great.


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Whatever was in that video looked crazy. I’ve only really been playing the game sporadically over the past few weeks so I’m still getting the hang of the cubes switching sides or moving at the last minute (foeget about the disappearing arrows shit) but that expert video is wild.

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Man, as happy as I am to have DMC V, I’m still wishing it had been DD2 instead. Hoping that’s next for Itsuno. I guess the upside is that the massive success of monster Hunter world should guarantee that online multiplayer is a focus when it does happen.

Also, I just finished Claire B in RE2. Stellar game, well worth buying.

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Protip I just found out about…

I just turned on fail options on expert+ and I could at least finish the level to get a feel for it, but it’s still stupid fast. So I then saw the ‘slow down song’ option and put that on too. That makes expert+ playable for me too and is a good way to learn the songs, so I’ll be trying that out for the most part now until I can maybe finish a song without it.

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Wow Ciri too. Hope it comes to PC soon



Apex was a bit of a letdown. I thought it would be cooler since it’s Respawn (MW,MW2, Titanfall/2) but it came off a little flat for me. I do like some of the ideas used in it, but overall was pretty ‘meh’ on it, despite the trailer and developer reputation. I’ll still play it here and there, but it’s a distant second after Fortnite.

DMC V demo was even more awesome than I thought it’d be. I thought it would control slower going by the trailers, but it wasn’t. I could do Jockey ALL DAY LONG though. I imagine it’ll be my favorite move in this game. I like doing the backwards Jockey because the animation is that good on those backward somersaults. Doing this move reminded me of playing the Vanquish demo several years back and just watching the weapon animation changes for 5+minutes.



How is Anthem?

My new rig came with a digital copy.



I only played for about an hour of the demo. The gameplay is fun as hell. Whether the content and player economy is worth anything is yet to be seen. But I’m going to get it.