Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


idk if i mentioned this already but Catherine game is on steam.

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Man, I’m having way more fun with Apex than I’ve ever had with Fortnite. A lot of that has to do with it being first person instead of third. I never liked the gunplay in Fortnite, nor did i ever take to the building mechanics. Beyond that, i really like how characters are uniquely built with special support moves tied to each player. It really pushes the team dynamic, and playing with a full squad of friends makes a big difference.



am i the only one that wants a dynasty warriors dragonball game?



Hmmm never considered it, that could definately work though.



Kamehameha a bunch of frieza mooks and hanve different levels for the musou modes to rep transformations? Could be fun.

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If they do a dynasty warriors dragon ball game it should totally take place during when the Saiyans are in their prime conquering planets. Although let’s be honest, it would most likely be another time patrol game.

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That or it’ll cover the Saiyan Saga through the Buu Saga…AGAIN.

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RE5 sold 11 million to date. That game is a juggernaut.



With rare exceptions, time travel always screws up a story.

I rather they just go though the normal DBZ/DBS timeline without time travel, do a prequel idea like you stated or do a new story with some bonus scenarios for late game.

Problem with Dynasty Warrior style games is the baddies get samey and repetitive very quickly.
Maybe if the enemy minions are procedurally generated with obvious themes at the appropriate level.


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wohoo DMC5 demo is available
downloading now :slight_smile:



Yeah… Imma use that free code, looks like.

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Yeah but with DB they have the Frieza force who are easy enough to make generic and if they want to dig deep the Red Ribbon army or generic lizard people.



I got no issues with that, stage one have the saibamen with the Vegeta and Nappa fights.

When you get to Freeza there enough their to keep the generic looking baddies all looking different . And the R R Army, you can make the androids and robots look like what ever you want.



Makes me wonder how much Resident Evil 4 sold to date given that it had more publicity and arguably better design and execution. The 7.4 million in the article seems like it only included the million+ selling copies and could be out of date.



7.4 million is the updated number. It’s blatantly stated as such



Finally finished a full song without any modifiers on expert+. That shit is no joke and one hell of a workout.

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Re5 and sfxt always seemed to sell really well long after theyve been out, which always seemed weird to me lol



Digital sales factor into the numbers. Whenever Capcom has a sale on a digital store that will spike sales a little bit.



SFxT was the most fun fighter Capcom made since Tatsunoko. A damn shame they lathered such an entertaining game with that DLC/gem bullshit

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