Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


Blame Horse Armor for all the paid DLC BS



The building (which I’m STILL trying to get good at) is something I really missed. For me that’s like making a 2D fighter without any QCF and SRK type motions. It helps that on Fortnite I have people showing me what I ‘should be doing’.

I like the gunplay in Apex, but everything else I wasn’t loving too much. I think they were trying to make certain parts of this game more ‘grounded’ in the sense that your traversal options don’t move as much as Titanfall…and yes I know this isn’t Titanfall.

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I heard that Strider remake was a pretty good Metroidvania. I’m a Castlevania freak so if I get a yen to play a metroidvania I usually just go for one of those, although Dead Cells looked kind of good.

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I’ve seen those options but I tried not to use them for the lower levels of difficulty. Might have to spring for that though for expert.

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Dead Cells is great. That Strider remake from years back is pretty good. You should also try Salt and Sanctuary…if you haven’t already.

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sheeeeit, I got hooked on Dead Cells yet again recently… apparently “rusty” to say the least; I’ve gotten killed way earlier than normal recently, despite the game being supposedly easier now… then again I’ve started with some “not so great” gear lately as well…

there’s one skill I got recently that makes it so the character throws fireballs; haha I didn’t even know that was in the game… I typically still prefer a shield to be my other weapon though.

*latest on the Miis— I made some adjustments to my Elliot Rodger and “Darksfadil” characters, making them more accurate… also made Howard Stern and Humpty Hump…hahah it’s too much fun making these… I just wish the customization options were more sophisticated.



Damn. I am too against digital games. LOL.

I still have 50 on PSN, and haven’t bought a game, because it would be digital. Money’s already spent, I know this, but fucking digital game.



Unruly Heroes is out…the art and design going on in this game, man…holy shit :open_mouth::

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This is my Skill/Bloodtinge character in Bloodborne. What seems to be likely is that I’ll end up using the Burial Blade once I can get my hands on it, and pairing it off with the Reiterpallasch that I currently have. The Reiterpallasch is a weird weapon. I think I’d put it pretty low on the tier list, but fuck me is it ever fun to use.



Yeah the Reiter is a really cool-ass weapon, it’s just too bad you get it so late in the game. Though I suppose vyou could always grind Chalice dungeons and get the Lost/Uncanny versions earlier on. That game has a lot of really sweet weapons.

I just started another run with a Belmont inspired character. I’m using the trick version of the cane (like a whip) and the Kirkhammer so far.



Wasn’t one of the main complaints with BB that it had a distinct lack of weapons?

Did the chalice dungeons fix that?

I need to start it up in eanest.

Is the pimp cane a good starter?

Because I chose it, and it seems fun.



It a dumb thing to complain about when it comes to Bloodbourne. Every weapon has a alternative form and frankly the weapons in that game have more utility than any weapon in the Dark Souls games. That justifies the low weapon count imo.



Compare to Dark Souls it doesnt have as many weapons, but most dark souls games have a lot of useless stuff. In Bloodborne there’s a utility for every weapon if you build your character right and like Hawkingbird said, each weapon has a “trick” or alternate form so it’s really two weapons in one.

Cane is a lot of fun, the trick form is a whip that has a lot of range on it.



What are lost/uncanny?



Slightly upgraded versions of regular weapons that you find in Chalice dungeons that have better scaling or different attributes.

The DLC also added several weapons too.



Bloodbornes problem isnt a lack of weapons, its that they are almost all located past the half way point of the game, or are burried deep in Chalice dubgeons which is effectivly the same thing. Otherwise its weapon list is fucking boss as hell.

I personally really dislike the Chain Whip/Trick Cane. Its very slow, has tons if start up in a reletivly quick game for its type, and i never felt the whip managed to catch up to most of the weapons in damage either. My Belmont build wasnt as fun as i was hoping it would be. Weapon looks super sick tho.

Best starting weapon is the ax, my favorite starter is the Saw tho.

The Reiters is a very good weapon, a high tier one with the proper build.

My absolute favorite weapons in the game are The Holy Sword of Moonlight and Simon’s Bow Blade. I still havent gotten to try the Rakuyo.

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It would have been cool if, in one run, once you’d unlocked all the weapons in the shop, that would carry over to other runs so you could buy whatever weapons from the jump. Chalice dungeons I guess you could just run thru them and not fight any enemies, so as long as you have the dungeon code for the weapon you want, you could just run to get it. Plus some of the dungeons have the shops too.

I’m enjoying my Belmont run, but the whip takes a bit more planning than the other weapons. The fact that you can hit 3-4 enemies at once from a distance is an awesome payoff, but it sucks if you’re walled in. In that case I usually just switch to Kirkhammer sword.



I still feel like that wouldnt help much because my Bloodtinge Build (for example) aint gonna be able to use half the weapons in NG+ anyway due simply to the build. The majority of them should just be available earlier. Like with how involved the Cainhurst Vampires are in the lore you’d think we could stumble upon some evidence of them out in the world and perhaps a Cainhurst Knight with a Reiters or something along those lines.

The weapon locations even make doing some builds really hard, all the Bloodtinge weapons are in the back half of the game so if you want to make a Bloodtinge build you have to play half the game gimped as fuck dumping points into a stat you barely get to use. They could have moved most of the weapon types forward and made them available earlier, or just do the Dark Souls thing and let us drop weapons in co-op for other players so we can transfer late game weapons to new game characters. I did this tons of times in all the Dark Souls games, made them so replayable. I rwally dont understand why this was removed in Bloodborne, it really makes tgw weapon issue a bigger deal, to me anyway.



Seems to me like a lot of the early game weapons could carry you through the entire game. Hunter Pistol is a really good weapon and while I didn’t upgrade Bloodtinge much (you don’t really need to if you’re only using guns to parry) I was still able to do some damage with it early on.

I do agree though that some builds are harder due to weapon location. I’d like to do a Logarius Wheel build but it’s a mid/late game weapon and arcane builds are tough too. I’m not sure though, can you get Lost/Uncanny weapons in the dungeons if you don’t already have the standard version of the weapon?



As someone who couldnt get into the Souls games (not that they were bad games, mind u), would Bloodborne change my mind?