Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


Yea its not impossible at all, Bloodbornes first loop is easy enough when you know what you are doing, but youre still making a build you cant really use until the games almost over. Its like your making a build you dont really grt to use till the second loop…if you even do the later loops, my understanding is most people dont.

You can pick up anything you want in a Chalice dungeon including weapons, even if you havent found it in the game proper.

@HD-Man Bloodbornes a much faster more agressive, more linear Souls game so…maybe? What didnt you like about Souls? Kinda need to know that before i can start making a recommendation.

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Didnt like the slow pace of it. But u essentially just answered my question with that. Ill give it a try. Game should be cheap by now, not much to lose trying it

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Yeah that’s fair. Though I hear Bloodtinge builds can be OP if you get the right gear, and I was thinking about doing one myself until I decided to go Belmont build. There are guys in the BB discord or Reddit that are on like NG+5 but that’s kind of rare. I think most people do NG+ and leave it at that. I only just finished my first run so I’m wanting to try out different stuff and builds, but I imagine eventually you can level up every attribute enough that you’re just this ubermensch that can take on anything and everything.

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The Soulsborne style is definitely recognizable in Bloodborne but it’s a very different game, especially because it’s much faster than any of the souls games (not sure about DS3 though, I hear that one is pretty fast.) Either way, there’s a lot about it that makes it better than the Souls games imo.



Bloodbornes still faster then Darksouls III but DSIII can be pretty swift depending ob the weapons you use. Some of them have bonkers movement built into their moveset.



I wish the Soulsborne games had better cameras and all ran at 60fps. That’s really my only gripe with them. You get in a heated battle (especially boss battle) at it’s easy to not know wtf is going on because of the camera and underpowered fps.



I actually really like the camera, especially in the Souls games.

I do wish they ran in 60fps. Im still waiting for the DS1 remaster to drop a bit more in price before i get my nostalgia on.

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So I’m guessing all of Suda’s games are connected now…heard theories about this

Also this is a spoiler for the game so if you don’t wanna know don’t watch it.



Susan 51 always include references to his obscure games. I don’t know if those references mean all his games is a shared universe though.

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I think if they all ran at 60fps it would help camera a bit, but when you get near a wall it goes all wampus and that’s really annoying. For what it’s worth, DS2 does run at 60fps and it makes a difference.




some people from the rayman games seems to be involved which explain the slight familiarity with the art style.



There is a rumor that a Nintendo Direct might be announced this week for Wed. Rumor comes from someone on reset era who apparently has a good track record with leaks so we’ll see what happens.

Among the things this guy is saying about the Direct is a Super Mario Maker 2 announcement, Metroid Prime Trilogy port thats been rumored for a minute, Pikmin 3 port, and a 2d Zelda announcement. Grain of salt and all that…



Man, if SMM2 gets announced…

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Nintendo will print even more money. The Switch is already less than 9 million behind the Xbox One. It hasn’t even been out 2 years yet.



There will be no reason for anyone to hold on to a Wii U if we get a Mario Maker 2.



You mean their was a reason to hold onto the Wii U before hand other than to hack the thing?




The best 3D platformer of all time.



People say they like platformers, won’t play Cloudberry Kingdom #Cowards

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Cloudberry Kingdom looks like hot garbage.