Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


That’s not a Platformer.

That’s a Jumping Rogue-Like with horrible aesthetics.



Plays ace though. Lots of cool stuff in it.



I much preferred the movement physics in SMG. Have you tried Odyssey yet? It’s baller.



I like the actual layouts and powers in SM3DW, coupled with the timer.

The physics are pretty dope too - especially since they are different per each character.



Cat suites were dope. Yeah, 3DW is pretty great.



I never heard of it before



finally stopped being lazy and finished shadow hearts 2! next im gonna finish legaia 2 or grandia 3 i decided to work on my backlog instead of buying new stuff for a while.



You can get any of the starter weapons and be just fine all the way to the end. The saw cleaver in particular is the usual weapon of choice for people who speedrun the game. I beat the game for the first time with my trusty threaded cane. The axe is great as well. That spin move? Fuckin A.

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Real talk, Shadow Hearts was underrated and needed more love.

If mario maker 2 drops ooooh man! DAY JUAN



yea its definitely one of my favorite series a lot of ps2 jrpg’s were quality and it was like each developer was having a contest to see who could fill each game with the most content which can be a double edge sword now that im revisiting some of these games. at least the shadow hearts series came to a pretty decent conclusion. breath of fire didn’t recover from dragon quarter.



Those of you who liked the Monster Boy games, have any of you played the Shadow Knight game? My buddy was telling me about it being a good metroidvania game and I had heard a little about it but don’t know much about it other than videos I’ve seen.

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Videogamedunkey - KH3 review

Mostly serious vid…he did not like the game

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not to gig on the dude but stuart paid 250 for kh3 and apparently didnt like it either. which is funny lmfao.
the power of rose tinted nostalgia goggles



With KH3, it was “fine”. Which is honestly the biggest sin it could be, but it is what it is.

Simply put, I think the mechanics of the game are great, excellent even. But they don’t give you nearly enough to actually do something with it, which is the same exact problem KH1 and 2 had prior to their Final Mix releases.

KH2FM Critical Mode I still believe to be one of the finest experiences to just PLAY. You don’t have to give two rat’s asses about the story to just enjoy playing it. Every single mechanic needs to be used in some capacity, every ability meticulously chosen, your Keyblade as well and the game doesn’t hold your hand with it. You need to become a master of the game, but at no point does it ever feel unfair. It also shows in Speedruns, because it’s one of the few games I ever see where you legitimately have to use nearly every mechanic and skill in the game. But OG KH2 was what a lot of people derided it to be. Press X and Triangle to win, because at no point were you ever challenged enough to do anything beyond that. You could and dominate even further, but it wasn’t expected or necessary.

KH3 feels like OG KH2 did. You’re given a LOT to do, with a ton of solid ideas and while I don’t think the combat is as tight as KH2’s was (though it may be due to my PS4 controller which is apparently starting to deteriorate), I think the combat is overall pretty good. But again…you’re not given anything to do with it. I died once the entire time, and it was at the Final Boss where I got careless but I still had the Kupo Coin. That was about it. Otherwise I never felt particularly challenged by the game. A lot of mechanics and fun I pretty much left by the wayside because they weren’t necessary to mow through everything in front of me. Sora becomes a god in KH3 even faster than usual (though that makes sense plot wise) and nothing really keeps up.

If S-E expects to get away with another Final Mix, it’s going to become an IMMENSE issue. It’s 2019. It’s literally the first KH game since Days (not counting the mobile one obviously) to not include Critical Mode from the get-go. At least KH2 had an excuse, they hadn’t used Critical Mode prior to that point. This does not. It honestly feels like more of the same modern gaming sin. Doing well to build up mechanics, and spectacle…and then making it so you have nothing to use it on.

KH3 is a fun game, I have no regrets buying or playing it. But I don’t have the itch to re-play it any time soon (part of that is due to the ending which I won’t delve into).

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Stu is loyal, at least.

Shame KH3 can’t return the favor.



Is this a sequel to Legend of Legaia? Ive been playing that (LoL) here and there.

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Yep its pretty cool!

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Kingdom hearts 3 makes me want to go to sleep.

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Would you say it’s…

“So meh”?

…like a Dream Drop? :coffee:



There’s about 500 potential jokes to do against KH, and you pick that? Might as well just Alexa to do a joke. Come on, bring the A material.

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