Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


Shit dude I think I meant Hollow Knight lol, my bad.



Lmao ok then yea Hollow Knight is absolutly a Metroidvania and its fucking great. If you like Metroid and Igavanias abd Souls then youll probably like Hollow Knight. Its a big, 2D open world with tons of shit to find, a cool world to explore and upgrade avilities to find and tough boss fights all through out. It alao comes with 3 free dlc expansion packs of various quality and length.

You will deffinitly get your 15 bucks worth in content at the very least.

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Shovel Knight is pretty decent. I like it. Never played hollow knight though. Given it’s a Metroidvania I probably never will. Pretty much the only modern day metroidvanias I like are guacamelee and shantae. Even with those I play them purely out of loving how the universes are fleshed out and the characters that inhabit them.



Hollow Knight is really good. It also has some hard as ball boss fights and a massive map. At least a 15 to 20 hour game. Game is cray.



Nice, I may grab it for my flights in March then.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 remastered might be heading to Switch



Great to hear about the performance improvements on Dead Cells. Shit 60 FPS on Switch is pretty great considering it had performance issues at 30fps.

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Sony explains why they are skipping E3 this year

Why do I feel they took the criticism about their last E3 hard?



Target’s B2G1 is back again



I can’t even find 3 games I want right now. Sucks that Target doesn’t sell digital copies then I could get a few cheap Switch games.



I am guessing this is PS5/PSVR2 news. The way the trigger works seems like it could be really fucking awesome if it works as advertised and kind of a game changer immersion wise. That would be very awesome to pull a trigger of a gun and it gets tenser the closer it gets to shooting, and after it shoots, the tension lets up.



You and me both. Seems extremely limited with Switch games.

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Happy 20th to Final Fantasy 8.



I have yet to start my copy of Dead Cells. With Hollow Knight already on my plate, I didn’t want to fire up another Metrovania game. Of course, now I haven’t played Hollow Knight in months. I really like that game but I got stumped by a boss and haven’t picked it up since.

Curious, what are you guys thoughts on rogue-like games? In Downwell, I’ve found one I really like but I’m still not sure if I could be a huge fan of the genre.



I use to love rogue-likes. I had tons of them on sega and game gear. I don’t really like any of the modern ones though because they usually try to wedge or splice another genre into it which is usually super off putting to me.

Rogue legacy was really fun tho.



I can’t even find one game I want. None of the Switch games they have is catching my eye.



Yeah that’s kind of what I noticed. A lot of the weapons and gear I got early game was stuff that was still pretty viable late game too. Kinda cool they give you the option to either stick with your early game stuff by not making it suck later on.

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I can get all the PS4 titles that I want though… . . . . .



The only game I want to buy right now is Subnautica on X1, even though I hear it’s a performance nightmare and the game actually flat out crashes at time. But the whole SCUBA thing has me intrigued. But that is only 1 of 3.



My backlog…how long does it last. I could find something to help knock he dust off my XB1 and there a few Switch games I could snag too.