Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


I still cannot believe the mad lads at Nintendo did it. They freaking did it. Tetris 99 may as well have been called Tetris Battle Royal. I played two matches and that game is intense. First time I got ranked 39. Second time I was in 18th. Yo, the Fortnite player base is probably gonna see a sizable dip.

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I posted the important ones.

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Just finished watching the direct. 80% (pulling number out of my ass) are Day One’s… >_<

Astral Chain looking nice. I don’t think that was Kamiya’s original game though? Comes out the same month as Shenmue 3…argh!

Always wanted to try out Box Boy. I remember seeing it on the 3DS hoping it would come to the Wii U. Glad it’s unshackled from that POS :slight_smile:

Bought to grab Yoshi and Daemon x Machina demos.

Mario Maker 2 was a lot more than I was expecting. The wheel is cool, not sure it’ll be as nice as using the Gamepad, but everything besides that looked fantastic.

Summer is super busy for me now with Shenmue 3, Judgement, Daemon x Machina and Astral Chain. There’s only so much time in life though. Too much goodness!

EDIT: Oninaki I’ll give a shot. Looked interesting. Was going to grab Captain Toad for Wii U sometime this year(yeah yeah), but the new stuff shown in the direct has me thinking otherwise. Grabbing Zelda as well.

Didn’t think I would need another Tetris game after Puyo Puyo x Tetris but it looks good. Too bad it’s tied to Ninty’s fucking service…ugh. Blood Stained looking nice as well!



Good on Zarya gettin into Daemon X Machina. Glad she found work before she HAD to find work hehehe.

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I played the Daemon x Machina for a bit. I haven’t played a mech game in a while so I had to get use to the controls. Maybe it’s just me but I felt like the aerial movement was slow. When I’m grounded I can move blazing fast. I’m hoping with customization options I can make it move how I want in the air. Just seeing how it allows you to customize got me licking my lips.



Yeah air movement feels slow although that might be the mecha. Only played two missions but I like it.

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Reiterpallasch/Burial Blade is a very effective combo. Reiterpallasch is fast and the scythe covers its range issues.

I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like I know this game damn near back to front. It is easily one of my favorite games of all time, and gitting gud has been endlessly rewarding and satisfying.



Gurl we talkin’ Nintendo. Grown man talk. Save your Bloodbourne for later.

ilu, gurl

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Its right behind Dark Souls 1 as my favorite, its such an awesome game with an awesome weapon set. I kinda hope we get a sequel someday.



Yoshi’s World demo is pretty great. It’s pretty much exactly what I expected. I love the charm to it.



Considering it’s made by former AC peeps it probably is just the build since air and ground speeds being different is not an unusual thing in those games. Well, there’s also the fact that each numbered AC changes quite a bit how it feels so it could just have an overall slower pace in the air. That said, I feel like some of the gameplay they’ve shown in trailers hasn’t been slow so I think it is just the demo mech



Just saw that Mario Maker 2 is in June!!!

The dog mascot in Astral Chain is awesome, haha. It’s in the stand alone trailer at the end.



I am stunned. I did not think they could make Link’s awakening look any worse (despite loving the level design and setting), but they did it. Every character looks like a Mii or really obnoxiously cute Mario/Kirby enemy and I have seen better environment assets in indie games. Unless the game is now about using a blowtorch to destroy everything, I cannot for the life of me understand why they made it like this.

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No one fucking cares what you think.

Shut up.

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Yeah, Links Awakening looks fucking fantastic and that is one Zelda game that I don’t remember jack shit about, and I will be preordering it and purchasing it at release.

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It’s a fucking treat. Legit my favorite Zelda game by a wide margin. Only Zelda that even comes close to rivaling it is Wind Waker. My only concern about the remake is the price point. Best Buy already has it available for preorder and the price point is $59.99. I’m really hoping that is a place holder because $60 for a remake of a 26 year old game is ridiculous to me. Will I still buy it if it does end up being $60? You bet your ass I will. I’ll just be grumbling, bitter and bitch about it the whole time.

Also, Even though it’s just me being greedy and a fan boy id go fucking bananas if they ever remade the Oracle games. Those were sooooo god damn good. They are made by Capcom but published by Nintendo. They were made during the time Capcom still had the Midas touch and could do no wrong. They are some of the best Zelda games (and games in general) I’ve ever played.

Still bummed they never made the third Oracle game which in Japan was called “Legend of Zelda: The Mysterious Acorn: The Chapter of Courage” before being cancelled due to time restraints and stress it was causing on the development team since they were working on 3 games at once. What could have been. :thinking:

Minish Cap was also made by Capcom and was imo a really solid title (a lot of people don’t like it) but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Oracle games.

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I wouldn’t worry about the placeholder price. The game doesn’t even have a launch date. It doesn’t have a price yet.



If you ever played Link Awakening you would not be asking this.
The game filled with cartoonish anthropomorphic animals, Super Mario enemies and cameos, one enemy who purposely looks like Kirby. There is are side scrolling areas where you have to take on Goombas and Piranha Plants, and you can stomp on the Goombas by using the Roc Feather to jump on them. You need a Chomp Chomp to get into one of the early dungeons. There also all the phone booths and camera booths everywhere. The Art style fits the setting.



Guess I will have to play the first one before this comes out…