Video Game General 6.3: Sekiro has so many damn chickens man. Chickens Everywhere!


Ooooh can’t. Wait to watch this later.

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Finally beat Persona 5. Goddamn that was a long ass game. Time to DIG into DMC5

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Is it really a 100 hour game?


i got about 80 hours WITHOUT doing all the side quests

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I need to hurry and get to the end of dmc v. Feel like I’m running into spoilers if I even dare to look in my youtube feed now.



Yes, easily.

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From this scandal, I’ve heard about a VA for one of the Pokemon movies it happened to as well. TPC scrubbed any mention of the movie and she was blacklisted ever since. Crazy stuff.

I’m this case with Judge Eyes, the actor is a musician that does electronic music. The band’s name is Dengeki Groove. Saw a live performance on YT and I’m not surprised.

Hell, Japan’s work culture practically invites people to get into uppers to keep pace, with the crazy ass hours.

The game (so far) isn’t bein outright cancelled so that’s the last I’ll bring this subject up.

On the selfish side, that means my wallet won’t take a beating, slightly less, this summer.


A scandal like this has happened with the yakuza series before. Sega had to redesign a character for the re-release of Yakuza 4 because the actor was accused of using coke. He too ended up being blacklisted.


Japan is way too intense for this shit. They rather lose millions of dollars because of little coke


That case was crazy too because it was years prior about the allegation. They started from the ground up with a new character for the Y4 remaster.

With this case they have to go back and redo things presumably from a finished product after the fact.



cheh, live-action trailers for games, man… it’s one thing I’ve hated from the very beginning. They’re always lame, imo…and I don’t see the point. A more effective ad would be to show me the actual game.


I’ve always suspected that they create live action because they have nothing to show or their game is way too buggy lol


Take with a grain of salt but


Just saw this while browsing BBC. NOW this is the last time I’ll bring it up.


That’s kind of weird because a lot of really well developed games have live action ads.

They do it because those appeal to the general audience. You and I already watched the gameplay trailers online most likely, TV ads aren’t for us really.


So I was looking through my “memories” timeline on Facebook just now.

Pokémon HeartGold SoulSilver is 9 years old today. It feels A LOT older than that. HGSS feels like fucking eons ago. Like a different life or timeline. So much has changed in the world including and especially us as people, how we communicate and how we game.

It’s just baffling that time can flow like that sometimes.

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I also hate it when trailers show no gameplay and are just CGI or some bullshit.