Video Game General 6.4: New Halo? What else?

Rei and Toki were the most fun, cliche as that sounds.

Souther was meh, and my main disappointment with it.

Fact. Shit was legit. Need a sequel like ASAP


Which is hilarious because its probably the game they are least likely to give a sequel to. The most well received PS2 title; not touching it ever again.

Full of single player story nonsense and gore and all that…nope, won’t touch it.

Also hot take: The problem with the new female designs isn’t the lack of T&A, is that lot of the outfits are just ugly. Not a lot of personality in a lot of the designs. They can harp all they want about how they are sending chicks out to combat and all that, but they still look bleh.

Yeah, my bad. I shouldn’t have made a blanket statement like that. I forget how much I actually enjoyed playing SFII on SNES at home alone on weeknights when nobody was around to play with.

It’s just been a long time since I’ve put any real time into an arcade mode in a fighting game


WB servers weren’t ready for MK11.


E3 thread is up, will continue to update OP of course as we get closer


It’s going to be a minute before I can play Mortal Kombat on Steam!!
Even the PS4 is going to take an hour for the day 1 patch to finish.

So I’ve watched some story mode gameplay videos…but stopped at certain point. So far I have to say, I like the new voice actor for Liu Kang and the story direction for the character.

So I see MK11 still has this thing where you have to input chains and cancels super early, making hit confirms really weird.

Never change NRS.


damn Jacqui Briggs is…kinda ugly…hahaha looks like a random bitch from south Memphis. I’ve seen worse of course but damn it’s not a good look… I enjoy beating her ass down. (*okay maybe that was a bit harsh… she’s not Memphis-level ugliness :rofl: whoahhh she gets one HELL of a badass action scene in the beginning though…bruhhhhhhhh)

edit—nevermind—Shao Kahn isn’t there automatically; it still has to be installed…

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Jax did nothing wrong in his ending


Outside of triggering insecure wypipo he really didn’t

Always gotta be the angry internet wiypipo that get mad over the littlest things lol

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Just read his ending, officially my favorite MK character now. Tell the critics to cry more :joy::fist:t5:


Its been like 4 games by know. That’s NRS style take it or leave it.

Its how the cool kids like it. Dont ruin their fun.


Most of MK is awful anyways

MK 2, 3, Ultra 3, 9 were the "good’ titles of the series.
Everything else is various levels of awful, including the spin offs

I don’t care about story, but the changes emphasize why she will never be a Grandmaster.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is still the best of the MK games.

P.S. The unlockables add replay value whereas the story does not. There are a few too many in Injustice 2 though as I have thousands of unclaimed ones. Inventory management is a pain but the gameplay keeps me coming back.

P.S.S. Tekken 6 on console was a bitch to get items in as some were only available through Scenario Campaign and it was impossible to accumulate enough dough through fighting. Virtua Fighter 5 was hella stingy on money and items too, but at least you did not need to play a side game to get them. Quest mode in VF is still better than Ghost mode in Tekken and infinitely better than whack ass Treasure Battle in Tekken 7 with trash AI.

Sektor was a grandmaster in the old continuity. If he can b one then Frost can too.

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I agree with Unlockables add reply value.
It’s why I love the new Smash Ultimate.

But when it comes to stories, NRS gets way too long winded.
I don’t really care for everyone’s role in this single track story.

If the game has to do a story more, make it each character has their own shorter story than try to shoe horn everyone into this overly long epic snooze fest.

Story in a fighter is just an excuse why everyone gotta fight everyone else in the first place.

I just brought MK11 from Best Buy. Funny enough, they also had Days Gone up. The two cashiers got into a minor argument because the game wasn’t suppose to be out until Friday. Never seen this Best Buy slip like that.


Do you think the DLC rumors are true?