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Maybe. But am I wrong?

I have the game and found it pretty fun so…



Can’t say. I’ve never owned a Pokemon game in all my life.

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Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 1.36 retail copies in Japan, 6 million world wide on opening weekend . It out sold the previous record keeper Smash Bros Ultimate at 1.23 million retail copies in Japan, 5 million world wide.

Only game on the Switch that broke Pokemon Sword and Shield sales records was Animal Crossing New Horizons at 1.36 Retail Sales in Japan, 13.41 mill world wide.

None of that includes digital sales figures.

It sold so obviously 6 million people at opening weekend wanted the game when it was launched.

The game is fun because the core gameplay of pokémon is ridiculously fun. In fact, if you’re able to mod the game, you have a straight up good game.

But when I think good games, I think about games that aren’t riddled with glaring flaws like Gym Leaders having literally the same AI as the first youngster you see in the game or well… This:

Pokémon is a franchise still stuck in the “Eternal Potential” of releasing a generation-defining game but it’s been fumbling hard ever since their move to 3D.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hella addicted to it and SwSh does have a ton of positive points like its QoL changes. The Isle of Armor looks great too.

But a solid 6 does not make a good game in my eyes. :man_shrugging:

Btw, if you can mod the game, you should check this out.

Cool story bro. I had fun that’s all a game need to do. God Hand looks like dog shit and its still one of the best games of all time.

So yea.

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And people say that I shut down discussions. :man_facepalming:

Brah, I don’t play Pokemon for the visuals. I never did, otherwise I never would have picked up Pokemon Red back in the day. Graphics has nothing to with if a game fun or not. Pokemon was never known as a game series with cutting edge graphics. It’s known as a Kids turn base RPG where you capture cute monsters and make them fight each other for money.

I felt Pokemon Sword was a great game as I had fun and I got want I want out of the game.

I wasn’t talking about just the visuals.

There’s a lot to discuss about SwSh, but obviously no one wants to. It’s ok.

Why are you deciding for everyone else?

Hey @Radiantsilvergun3 What did you get Sword or Shield?

But that what you wanted to bring up.

I didn’t shut down discussion. I said graphics don’t matter to me that much as long as the game is fun and then gave an example of a game with dog shit graphics that is fucking amazing.


I brought up one of the problems.

You wanna talk about the pathetic AI, the removing of old mons to “improve animations” according to the directors when they literally recycled them from the 3DS and the posterior selling of them as DLC or do you want to talk about the mess of a story, even by Pokémon standards?

Because after being accused of “not leaving anything open to have a conversation about” but getting shut down unless I’m actively shilling something, my patience is wearing really thin with this bullshit.

Since I can’t stand double standards, you won’t see me on the next thread. Y’all don’t need to worry about me coming in to shit on your best sellers anymore.

Kay bye.

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I picked up Sword cuz my brother and my friend Matt both have Shield.

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:+1: Cool. I am sure you, your Bro and friend has alots of good time together with SwSh.
My and one of my friends both got Sword, and a 3rd guy in our little group got shield.

I mean, there is precedent for a bad game to sell well. In DMCs case 1 did so well that DMC2 sold great even though it was crap. And because it was crap DMC3 actually sold pretty poorly, relatively even though it was a great game. Again, DMC4 sold much better though it had it’s issues too, especially for the majority of more casual players.

DMC5 is probably the first to break the trend.

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Yea I personally wasn’t arguing sales numbers as most favorite games are commercial failures. I simply argued fun (which even @Volt admitted The game was) and graphics not being that important to me.

The claim was the game wasn’t good. I’m arguing the game is good. I never said beat ever or best RPG or even best Pokemon game or anything. I argued it was good and was slapped with “way to shut down conversation.”

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No one plays pokemans for the graphics.

New thread coming up soon?


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