Video Game General 7.0: Day Juan Ys: MoC June 9th & Wonderful 101 June 30th!

Gonna sell like hot cakes, just like Pokémon Sw&Sh did.


The people “boycotting” the game were never going to buy it to begin with.

It’s like Sony fanboys “boycotting” Halo.



Last of Us 2 has had the best launch numbers of the entire PS4 generation.

Damn really?

All the outrage seems hella insignificant now. :joy:

Pokémon was the same. It became the fastest selling Pokémon game to date and had the best launch weekend of the Switch life cycle up to that point until Animal Crossing came along and stomped it into the ground

It was a honest question I remember the Pokemon “boycotts” :rofl: Don’t remember a ground swell for TLOU2 boycotts. I’ve only heard of anecdotal claims of people trying to return the game.

There is an outrage industry on social media. Twitter mobs get all kinds of things changed on products they don’t actually buy.


There wasn’t any boycotts for the Last of Us 2. Just a bunch of people saying fuck it after the spoilers leaked.


I’m glad they failed and got nothing changed because the game is probably the best game this gen.


The Xbox Fans who don’t own a PlayStation said they are boycotting TLOU2.

But enough of TLOU2

You all need to check out this Retro-modern FPS shooter Ultra Kill

Also from the same publisher/Studio, The FPS Horror


Since when has boycotts done anything in gaming?


Tell me about it, with how Haomaru is on SC, you would have guessed that if it was a guest char, it would be from there, lol

Since umm, Never. Let me double check that, Yep Never.

I would have loved Yoshimitsu or Voldo as a guest SamSho 19 character. So many characters from SoulCal would have been a great fit, honestly.

Raphael or Maxi would be dope but I think I’m the only person on the planet who loves either

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It looks hella dope. As RSG3 mentioned in the actually Bloodstained thread one of the new characters is just a Corgi in Magitek armor. Lol



The stuff about Druckmann pushing Hennig out of Naughty Dog was bullshit all along?


Yup. I read that whole twitter thread this morning.

There was one time I remember

After EA decided to make certain weapons exclusive content to players who paid extra with the release of and announced their decision to do so with Battlefield: Bad Company, Sarcastic Gamer urged fans and readers to boycott the game’s release and cancel their preorders.[21] Many websites from around the world got involved in or mentioned the boycott[22] making it very popular among gamers and eventually reaching IGN[23] which contacted Electronic Arts, the publisher of the game, causing it to finally cease the idea of paid weapons.[24]

As a result of this, on April 9, 2008, Sarcastic Gamer announced[25] that the goal of the boycott had been achieved and that the boycott was lifted.

Man once I finish Shadow Warrior I’m gonna have to git gud at Ultrakill. That game is so bad ass and I never knew I had a fetish for being able to punch your own shotgun pellets to boost them.

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So wait? There was a serious issue with journalistic integrity in gaming. Who knew? Shame no one tried to shine a light on it. I’m sure if they did, the industry would have rallied behind the cause.