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E3 2013



That’s right ladies and gents…that time is almost upon us. The time for awesome, the time for suckage, the time for ‘mmmm…ALL OVER THE PLACE’, and the time for’ …Why?’. It is time for the conductor to punch your ticket on the E3 train.

IRC Chat

RockBogart has made opened an irc chat to talk if you would like to talk chat while events are taking place. Go to and where it says Channel put in #srk-E3.

Main Event
E3 takes place June 11 - 13th this year.

Times of Events (work in progress)
Nintendo - E3 Nintendo Direct will take place June 11 @ 7 AM PT, 10 AM ET
Dev Interview Vids @ 12 PM PT, 3 PM ET
Wii U software Showcase Recap Video @ 1 PM PT, 4 PM ET
Reggie and Miyamoto power hour @ 2 PM ET
Day One Wrap Video @ 7 PM PT, 10 PM ET
Pokemon X/Y Developer Roundtable 9 PM PT, 12 AM ET

                Schedule of events on Gaf:

Sony - Monday June 10th @ 6 PM PT/ 9 PM ET

Microsoft - E3 Conference will be Monday June 10th at 9:30 AM PT/ 12:30 PM ET

Ubisoft - Monday June 10th @ 3PM PT/6PM ET

EA - Monday June 10th @ 1PM PT/4PM ET

Konami - Konami’s pre E3 presentation will take place June 6th @ 1 PM EDT. They will be partnering with Gamespot for their presentation but you may also watch it from their own website below.

Square Enix E3 live stream

Rumor Mill (work in progress)



God of War sequel? - There seems to be a hint of something going on in God of War: Ascension…exactly what? Don’t know Edit: NOPE!

Naughty Dog project - Naughty dog split themselves into 2 teams possibly as far back as the end of Uncharted 2’s development. 1 team went on to make Uncharted 3 and the other is now putting the final touches on The Last of Us. So the question is…What is the Uncharted 3 team doing now? Edit: Didn’t show!

Media Molecule’s new IP - no telling if it has anything to do with that puppet/sculpting demo shown during the Sony Conference but it should be interesting none the less.
Edit: didn’t show!


Rare is working on a Xbox 720 Title
What could it be? Kinect stuff or possibly having to do with what’s been going on with that Killer Instinct Trademark?

Microsoft working on several new ips

The infamous Always Online and no used games for the next Xbox Rumor

Killer Instinct - This is also a rumor that’s been going on for a few years but this year there’s been some movement going on with thetrademark issue with fox being resolved. So what exactly can come from this? Considering and analyzing the current situation (Rare being more relegated to Kinect/Family oriented projects and being a shell of it’s former self, Also the fact that the renewal dispute was only resolved this year last month) I’d say this is likely to lead to XBLA releases of probably KI and maybe KI2. Knowing Microsoft they’d release those games first and gauge interest and probably go from there instead of just jumping straight in. Makes the most business sense.


Darkstalkers sequel - Yeah this is has been going on for a bit. Perhaps they’ll finally announce it at this event?

Interesting to note though is that Capcom wasn’t happy with Darkstalkers Resurrection’s sales though…


New Sonic title - We know Sega has been in some financial trouble lately and that they’re more relying on sure bets. There’s been rumors about since last year about a Sonic game that didn’t pop up. Now since all the new consoles will be out in full force by this holiday season, there’s a good chance it will actually come forth this year. Latest rumors seem to point towards a Sonic Adventure type of title…

Too add fuel to that Hunnid P, the rapper for Knuckles stages from SA2, hinted that he was working on a new project…so maybe we might be taking another Dive into the Aquatic Mines?
Update New Rumor: Debunked
Update 2: Nintendo has inked a deal for 3 exclusive Sonic titles on Wii U…This could be related to a previous rumor a couple years ago about Sega getting help from Nintendo to make a Sonic title.




Next Gen Project - Remedy is currently working on something but it’s unclear which consoles it will be for. There had been a rumor before hand about Alan Wake 2 so it could be that…

Streams (work in progress)
The usual suspects will of course have their streams going…all except G4 since they’re dead. The big 3 will more than likely have ways to watch their conferences on their own consoles. As we get closer I’ll try to update this with where the streams are. If you have any other streams you would like to share then please post them up and I’ll place them in here as well.

Hub w/ Schedule:



Schedule: It’s in the above link


Hub w/ schedule:


Nintendo Direct

Youtube channels


Sony’s own E3 stream

Twitch E3 Game Dem Stream


New Console information



One of the best things about E3 of course will be the various blunders or goofs that people in the industry do…which leads to funny shit. Gaf will no doubt be having gifs for stuff as they tend to do every year. Once that thread is made I’ll post it in this area.

2013 Gaf gif thread

Previous Gaf gif threads

unfortunately some of the older thread’s gifs haven’t been preserved.

E3 blunder/funny shit history (work in progress)

Konami’s Infamous E3 2010 Conference

Full Conference:

Nintendo’s E3 2008 Conference

Full Conference:

Sony’s E3 2006 Conference

Full Conference:

Microsoft’s E3 2010 Conference

  Microsoft's E3 2010 Conference Highlights

  Microsoft E3 2010 - Skittles....

  Admittedly this one isn't so much bad since it actually does a pretty good job as a demonstration...that however doesn't prevent it from being awkward and gif worthy.

  Guile Theme Goes with Everything - Dance Central Demonstration

Microsoft’s E3 2011 Conference


Ubisoft E3 2010 Conference - Battle Tag

Ubisoft E3 2009 Conference - James Cameron talks about Avatar: The Game for what seems like forever…and doesn’t show one screenshot or any footage

Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference - Mr. Caffeine

To be fair…Ubisoft’s conference that year isn’t that bad considering the content…but DOODLY DOODLY DOODLY DOO brought it down a few notches.

Mr. Caffeine Metal Remix

Microsoft E3 2012 - Usher whips out a concert for Dance Central 3 out of nowhere

The game shows up about a bit 3/4 of the way through the performance and at first it seems like he’s finally demonstrating it…but then you realize the truth lol.

Microsoft E3 2009 - Kudo tries to be cool and show off Project Natal but ends up accidentally shows that the device isn’t where it needs to be

Activision E3 2007 Conference - Jamie Kennedy

what was jamie thinking!?

Gamescom 2013

Time of Event: This will take place starting August 20th thru August 25th.

About the event: The Big 3 will be there along with other publishers and developers. Microsoft will have a press conference that will not be streamed and Sony will have one that will be streamed. EA will also have a streamed conference as well.



List of Games appearing


Microsoft: 10AM BST / 11AM CET / 5AM EST / 2AM PST Aug 20th
EA: 3pm UK / 4pm Europe / 7am Pacific / 10 AM Eastern Aug 20th
Sony: 6pm UK / 7pm Europe / 10am Pacific / 1PM Eastern Aug 20th


Sony has stated that there will be infomation on PS4 and Vita games at Gamescom and even further more that they’ll be releasing release dates at that time. More than likely there will probably be a few new surprises here and there from Sony but for the most part I’m expecting most ground that was already covered at E3 to be gone over with and probably expunged on. What would really be niced would be a Vita price drop and it’s been rumored on for awhile now so I suppose we’ll see what happens on that.

Microsoft has stated that they have an unannounced game for Xbone that they seem to be pretty eager to show off. One would also hope that since Sony seems to be going in with their date ready to announce that Microsoft would be as well. Microsoft will not be hosting a stream but their event might be live blogged…if I can locate a place where it will be live blogged I will try to post it up.


2K is going to forgo having a booth this year and will be using meeting rooms and twitch/youtube instead this year

SRK Threads Ordered by Subject
Which 3DO has no burn protection?

My take on things:
Sony looks to be in the best position this year, but Nintendo could drop bombs… Microsoft… All this talk of always online seems to have really hurt them. We’ll se what they show in May though.
Will we have a chat room again? Last years was nice (Lol at titties on Farcry. I was dying there.)


I’m not the one that does the chat rooms so if someone does do it this year I can put up information for that in the first page as well.


Can’t wait to see how disappointed I will be this year! :smiley:


So I havent been keeping up like I should. What was Microsofts rationale with this always online thing?


I wouldn’t mind if E3 went back to being toned-down like how it was a few years ago. I could do without lame concerts and annoying people.



And once again, why the fuck does Ubisoft have a panel.


There isn’t one, it’s still just a rumor. Microsoft hasn’t commented on it at all.


I believe the rumors about the always online connection are going to turn out to be true, somewhat. The RROD didn’t kill M$ and that shit cost them more than $1 billion. They wouldn’t mind to lose a few a million dollars down the road at first once more if they could still meet the sales at the end. I think they believe they can change market (or think that is where the market is shifting).

Sony in the other hand is giving people choice, that for me is a deal braker. i"m going with sony.


Usher was awesome last year, better than any Xbox game…


Because Ubisoft had the best conference last year. They actually focused on games (Assassin’s Creed 3, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 3, Rayman Legends, Zombi U) while others like MS were wasting our time with social features.

What was the next best thing? Sony’s The Last of Us demo where we got to watch someone get blasted in the face by a shotgun at point blank range? Oh boy, hype!!!

E3 has fallen off. Hopefully with a back against the wall Nintendo and two new consoles launching in 2013 this year picks up but I’m not placing any bets.


All i want i another chat room thats all i care about screw announcer give me laughs and yuks with the SRK E3 chat!!!


I predict Valve has big plans for E3. After announcing Steambox, it sounds like they want to enter the console market in a big way.


  1. All Valve owned IPs become exclusive for Steam.

  2. A game using the officially confirmed Source engine 2 is announced.

  3. I hope that it will be HL3

If KI3 gets announced for the new Xbox that would be the most interesting surprise. I don’t expect much besides Kinect games, TV network partnerships and FIST BUMP though.


Come for the lack luster announcements stay for the awkward conferences.


It’s funny cause Valve just announced they’re not gonna be at E3.


Well shit. Source?

ggs Valve. Maybe next year.



The awkward conferences make E3. I mean shit, they keep us sane.


pretty much.