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You don’t have to go really far to find out the ‘why’ behind the thread title. You can use this page as an example.

I never really liked FFVII but, if they made a new game that was a sequel to Advent Children, I’d buy it in a second.

I really want a Valkyrie Profile 3.

You realize how many times I had to restart Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth? One mistake can fuck your while shit up.

Restart? Really? I’ve never had to restart. Sounds like you need to step your game up.

Is this the hub/nexus to the other JRPG threads that still exist in GD?

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Probably missed some…

Re: FF stuffs
I like the ADB system in FFXII.

It didn’t help that I was 11 tryin to get dat A ending. I never restarted because died but because a i wasn’t able to obtain character, or fucked up the ending by going to a location too early or just forgetting about sending my einjarear (sp?) to asgard. Once I was just confused about Brahms castle.

Nothing kills a thread like a good ol’ FF discussion

I am gonna quote myself from the PS3 thread because i don’t want to write everything again :rofl:

Anyone who liked Suikoden on the PSone, should go pick up Suiko 5 for the PS2. I’m sure you can still find it SOMEWHERE. It has the same battle system and pacing of 2 (unlike 3 and 4 which I didn’t much care for) with slicker characters. I mean…George is a Samurai in it for fuck sake.

Also, VP…love that game. The music, the cool interactions with your party members (whether to keep or send up), the battle system, all very good ideas. Not so much a fan of the platforming/dungeons tho.

Equipped espers gave characters extra stat boosts when they leveled up. It was a nice system.

Hence why the actual FF thread decided to get busy playing the MMO.

Kind of depressed some people here liked 13…

Dirge of Cerberus is a sequel/spinoff of sorts to Advent Children, but I doubt that anyone would want to buy that game in a second.

I can see why people like it, I’m sort of neutral myself.

I personally don’t really get the “linearity” issues, I didn’t get into the FF series for nonlinear gameplay and you can only deviate so much from the path those games wants you to take.

People do seem to forget that FFX was as linear as FFXIII for 90% of the game, only with the ability to walk backwards/Play Blitzball.

Yea and X’s not exactly amazing either. Least it didn’t have level caps tho and let you build your own fucking party.

Yeah but building/switching your Party around in FFX was pretty much just Counterpicking fiends for a majority of the game. XIII just took out the middleman in that respect.

Not saying it’s as bad as XIII or XIII’s better in any respect, but these points do need to be addressed.

All FF’s are linear.
X, X-2, 13 just didn’t hide it like the others did.

dont tell me where to go…I DECIDE MY OWN FATE!!!