Video Game General v8.01C : FFX-2 is a bad game M'kay

No one deserves to have cancer. Knock that dumb shit off.

Scalpers do suck tho.


Maybe I’m too slow on this, but COD BO:Cold War is having an alpha this weekend for PS4, no pre-order needed:

I don’t think the game will be good, but I have this fight with myself every year and end up buying the game used anyway, so what do I know.

So has it been discussed how getting more storage works? Can you swap in a new ssd or keep things on an external?

If yo girl doesn’t propose to you like this, trash her :speaking_head:


Yep. Waiting for a trade-in deal of some sort on my end. Seeing a Lego game retail for $69.99 made me do a double take, haha.

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3D Disgaea is going to take a while for me to get used to…

Also…why is it I don’t see much rage when Nintendo has 3rd party exclusives?


Looks pretty good.

Apparently Ps5 pre-orders are sold out everywhere, holly shit!

Yeah, scalpers are scum. The guy in here that preordered 3 of the ps5s is questionable.


I finally found the game that will make me pay for Nintendo’s shitty online.

Pre-orders are live on Sams Club. You’ll need to buy membership if you don’t have it.

*and they are gone…


I’m hoping D6 is a timed exclusive, though I am not high on the 3D art

People are still pissed about Bayonetta 2. Nintendo exclusives draw serious salt.


Totally forgot about Bayo…

ohhh yeah, and that Final Fantasy game will definitely be mine… good to see they’ve decided to fix the little “turn-based combat” problem in that franchise, lately! :laughing: (I intended to get FF 15 as well but kept putting it off) Now the shit actually looks cool and fun, at least in my not so humble opinion.

Also—a new Monster Hunter on Switch that actually looks good?! Hell yeah you know that’s a day 1 buy for me. Good thing I didn’t have to resort to that one from the 3DS era with those eyesore graphics…there were times when I was tempted.

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Ah Bayonetta 2. The only time I bought a console for one game. I need to just get it on the Switch so I can effectively retire that console.


Gematsu noted that in Japan it’ll be mutli platform but in the US it’s likely to stay a Switch exclusive.

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Still catching up on stuff but really interesting that the switch exclusive monster hunter rumor panned out


now that my sayain saga battle arc for a ps5 has ended time for the namek arc for a 3080.