Video Game General v8.01D : PC Gaming Golden Age, Big Box (Part 1)

Some of those characters would be dope in a future SF game. :thinking:

Well Snowed cough Iced In, since most of Texas is closed!!
Power was on for most of the day, thank god!!
I had managed to get in some matches and record them.

Winter outfit Laura for the win!!!

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Just got to the 5-2 boss tonight and once again beat on the first try. Kind of disappointing cause I thought after kicking that bridge down to make the shortcut to the boss I’d have to use it but nope.

And hten the 5-3 boss. Was like WTF. The x-3 bosses seemed to generally be a joke compared to the other bosses.

I’ll probably beat the game this week though. Awesome game and I’ll pick up whatever the next Souls game is on PS5 if they make one.


I’m at the final level (been there for a minute actually) but got sidetracked. I’ll probably jump back in and finish it soon, and then I got the Souls trilogy to play after that. They benefit from the PS5 hardware and I figure I’ll like them since I really enjoy Demon’s Souls.

Have you played Sekiro? That was my introduction to FromSofware games and I absolutely love it. It focuses more on combat skill and traversal and stealth rather than creating a character build and leveling up. It has unlockable skills instead, which I actually prefer because it prevents me from spending so much time in the leveling menu trying to decide what to spend exp points on lol.


I haven’t played Sekiro and thought it looked cool though so I may check it out. I’d go back and play all the Soul’s games but I don’t think I will have the time to do that right now.

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Publisher Team17 and developer The Game Kitchen have announced the Blasphemous “Strife and Ruin update, which brings Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to Cvstodia, seeking help from The Penitent One. It will launch on February 18.

Here is an overview of the update, via Team17:

Tasked with helping Miriam return to her world, players must complete a series of platforming challenges and collect shards to repair her portal home. Filled with traps that force the player to hone their precision platforming abilities, those who pass the test and help Miriam return to her world will have a special reward bestowed upon them.

“Strife and Ruin” also introduces Boss Rush Mode, which becomes available after completing the main storyline. Ramping up the challenge to new heights, the mode features courses containing a selection of bosses that players take on using any of their save files. Each run is assigned a score based on various factors, with medals available for the toughest of Penitents.

A Demake Area has also been added that pays homage to classic 8-bit platformers, providing a linear experience, played inside an arcade cabinet that is hidden in a secret location on Cvstodia, with reimagined visuals to match the retro style. Core mechanics will change to suit the classic style as well, as The Penitent One strives to gather five golden skulls and defeat a new boss to reap the rewards. Continuing the retro theme, The Game Kitchen has also included several new render modes, emulating older TV effects that can be applied throughout the entire standard game.

Blasphemous is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam.


The most savage super in all of fighting games.

Man, the animation in this game is just SICK.

It was a few days ago that I realized, I am to Guilty Gear what the '09er was to Street Fighter. A filthy, filthy '14er. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, it really does help that Arc System Works stepped up to bat to save fighting game visuals. If they didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be here - enjoying the ride; but having no attachment to the PS1 era aesthetic.

Lmao at that super

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The promo work would, but then the in-game footage would drop and we’d be seeing the more of the current trajectory of the SF4 and SF5 art style.

How far right uses video games and tech to lure and radicalise teenage recruits | The far right | The Guardian

At least 17 children, some as young as 14, have been arrested on terrorism charges over the past 18 months. A new neo-Nazi group led by a 15-year-old from Derby emerged last year. Its entire membership consisted of children. The group discussed attacking migrants in Dover and how to acquire and modify weapons.

One example, found on the social messaging app Telegram, involves a user posting comprehensive bomb-making instructions to a youngster with the message: “Hey kid, want to make a mailbox bomb for Roblox?”

Also on Telegram was a Roblox simulation of a vehicle attack against protesters, a recurrent theme of far-right memes, and a real life feature of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests in the US.

“Every day we are seeing far-right violent extremist and terrorist groups exploit youth culture, not only to evade content moderation, but also to radicalise young people themselves,” said Adam Hadley,
director of Tech Against Terrorism.

Overt attempts by the far right to woo teenagers to its cause are rising. Patriotic Alternative has encouraged youngsters to host livestreamed “zoomer nights”, named after the “Gen Z” age-group born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. Archived footage from the anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate reveals teenagers discussing “white genocide” and fears that black and Asian minorities will become their “new masters”.

ugh… :man_facepalming:

Finally finished Demon’s Souls. What a great game. It definitely felt easier as the game went on and it’s probably just because I “got it” more than earlier on. But what a fun and challenging ride it was. It’s super rewarding too as you actually feel like you accomplish stuff as you make progress in the game. I was a bit disappointed at how easy some of the bosses felt later on but I’m not sure if it’s because of my build or if I was just better at the game, or a bit of both.

I did feel like no matter what items dropped, that nothing was as good as my current setup I was using. I literally used like 1 main weapon the entire game, leveled up as I progressed, and then later just enchanted it with magic. And no other weapon I picked up was close to doing the damage of that setup. Not even some of the very later “special” weapons that you get.


Hoping for some Bayo 3 footage and more NMH3 footage. Other than that, I’m not expecting much, thanks to COVID. There was an article last year where the Xbox manager was saying consumer wouldn’t be seeing the effect of COVID on the industry until Summer 2021, so yeah.

Playing Cuphead. Third Isle is that good shit, with the bullet patterns. chef’s kiss I think the DLC is supposed to drop this year? Hope it makes it.


The bosses in Demon’s Souls are a cakewalk compared to the NPC black phantoms (if you don’t ring them out).

I didn’t really have trouble with any of those, not close to the trouble I had with a few boss fights.

I also got the miracle that is supposed to make those guys disappear (forget what miracle it was) but every time I tried to use it on one, my dude just shook his hand and didn’t actually use the miracle.

Well, I recollect Satsuki giving me more trouble than any boss at the very least. Some of them require pure black or white tendency.

Did you use the correct catalyst equipped for the miracles? Unless you had Talisman of the Beast, which could cast both magic and miracles, you would need to switch between a magic catalyst and a miracle talisman.

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I believe I did. It was the talisman of god I think and I used that to case the only other miracle I had, which was to send me back to the nexus whenever I wanted.

My setup was super basic. I literally had 1 sword and the talisman of god on my right hand like 95% of my time playing, and the other hand had the shield and then silver catalyst like 95% of the time. I had the adjudicator shield like 90% of the time and would sometimes swap it with one that could handle fire and magic a bit better than that one could. But typically I had the adjudicator shield + regenerator ring on and I could gain health back pretty quickly.

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Maybe you did not have the 50 MP necessary to cast Banish.

I did my MP was at like 117 when full.

I tried it multiple times so I have no clue why it wasn’t working. Maybe I needed to have my faith level up higher or something and didn’t realize that?

Oh shit so maybe this is why…

“This spell cannot be cast when there is no player Black Phantom.”

I didn’t play online at all so they were all NPCs.