Video Game General v8.01D : PC Gaming Golden Age, Big Box (Part 2)

Who knew Dan of all people could enjoy some shades of brokeness?

We truly live in the darkest timeline


The real tragedy is a 100% Dan combo utilizing less than 5% taunts.

That is the broke part.


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As a Laura main its vice versa for me…

A seasoned, OG 'Rog player can have my girl lights out and Bonita bum in the air!!

I had turned on that option to test to see how much FM you can get, which isn’t much.


Good to see EA finally realizing that solely Single Player games aren’t dead…


A couple hours from now

State of Play | February 25, 2021 [ENGLISH] - YouTube



Looks like EA will continue being EA.

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Alright so few weeks ago there’s been rumors FF7R was coming to PS5 and PC with more than just graphical updates. Sony just revealed today that it’s going to the PS5 with graphical updates and a new side story focusing on Yuffie.

Just waiting for that PC confirmation now.

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Most important question…are they gonna fix the fucking graphical glitches they where too lazy to fix last year?

Returnal continues to look awesome. Kena looks fun. Sifu looks like something I’d mess around with at some point in time and the rest, I’ll pass on.

EDIT: Forgot about Solar Ash. Looks cool.

Those are all good. well sifu aint out yet…

this is just to see if posting works really

Leaked Halo Infinite Emblems

I want to cut some of them out and use them as button art for Arcade Stick idea. :thinking:

Hey all. I’d really like some recommendations as to which games I can play with my 6-year-old son? For example let’s go on talking about it.