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Hell to go further before volt, no one said Pokemon was a good or bad game.
Just dumb people made a fuss and want to boycott it.

I remember as people was moaning over there not be a full national dex.
Most of the people who say they are going to boycott a game aren’t going to buy it anyways.

Volt insinuated Pokemon Sw/Sh was bad. That’s what started the conversation I apperantly shut down by responding to him…

Oh yeah, I going on about how Volt seeing Darc’s post and reply with

Peeps bringing up SwSh like it’s a good game. :rofl:

Interesting yet disturbing at the same time. So it seems that the story about Hennig being forced out of Naughty Dog was manufactured purely by a couple of IGN editors — the same editors who pushed the “The Last Guardian was cancelled” story, despite no indication from Sony, and the same who later were fired a couple of years back for being toxic asswipes (Butts for sexual harassment, forgot why Blevins was ousted).


that’s fucked. At least they’re already gone I guess

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I feel like I missed an entire conversation while I was at work.

I don’t think Pokémon Sword and Shield is a bad game. I can’t really say it’s a good game either because I’ve never played it. But it’s obviously they cut corners for more financial gain through expansion passes. Though I also think it’s The Pokemon Company and Game Freaks fault for not believing in the Switch. So they basically had to port shit from one system to another and the game suffered heavily for it.

That said, I see both sides of the argument for the expansion passes as well as both sides of its quality.

Is it dumb they got rid of the national dex which has been a staple for over 20 years? Yeah. It sucks. But. I’d rather buy a couple expansion packs for one game over the years than buy another game at MSRP for those few new areas and nothing else of value except maybe a legendary or a few alt forms.

I never outright “boycotted” SW/SH or Pokémon. All I did was try to educate them before making a decision and I chose not engage TPC or Gamefreak anymore when it comes to core generational games. I’ll buy every spin off believe me. I still fucking love Pokémon. But between Sun/Moon being fucking abysmal (it’s still the only core generational game I’ve owned but never bothered beating) and how phoned in SW/SH seems to be (not even talking about gutting natdex, I’m talking the overall product and presentation) I can’t support that directly. But I won’t stop people from supporting it.

Every friend I know IRL who has gotten SW/SH has loved it and said its a massive improvement from how garbage Sun/Moon was. I take their opinions to heart because we have similar gaming tastes. Hell, I even mentioned this in the Switch thread:

So I might end up getting Pokémon Sword or Shield. I’m going to attempt to get it used so I’m not supporting Gamefreak or The Pokémon Company.

The reason is my friend is getting her brother a switch for his 22nd birthday. He’s on the spectrum and basically has no friends. Everytime I come over he usually comes over or is already over. My friend and her husband can’t really relate to him when it comes to video games and anime. So whenever we’re both over all we usually do is nerd out and talk shop.

Usually when I’m not there and he is all he does is bug them when I’m coming over next to game. It’s really funny and really sweet. He’s a good kid. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with him cause I enjoy taking about nerd shit at any time in any situation.

So I’m going to get him NSO for his bday to go with the switch so he can do wonder trades online, trade with me and battle with me and whoever else.

Even if I do get SW/SH because of the above mentioned but dislike that’s okay. Because someone else will be having fun playing the game with me. And I think that’s great. Plus not to sound too mushy but connecting with people has always been Pokémon’s goal. Whether it’s through video games or card games or the anime.

I fucking love Pokémon. It’s one of my favorite gaming series of all time. It’s up there with Dragon Quest and Mega Man. I will always support it in some capacity and likely always will. It just sucks to see them fall so hard from how fucking phenomenal Gen 6 (X/Y) and the Gen 3 remakes were from a gameplay and presentation stand point.

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I sarcastically remarked on this in another thread, but when people questioned the integrity of games journalism they threw a damned fit and labeled anyone that would bring up the subject mysgonist etc. Low and behold, they had shady shit going on. Not that I’m surprised though.


Also that other IGN dude that plagerized multiple reviews.

Granted I don’t think we should assume, but it’s hard to ignore when news sites are being as disingenuous as a rando youtuber lol


Youtube has it flaws but there are multiple options out there so you can find a reliable or respectable source. I barely go to game related sites anymore. Hell Spawnwave does news updates Monday-Friday.


Even with news sites there’s still good stuff out there. Destructoid and Siliconera I still visit. The taste of the former is, a little more “generic” maybe but it doesn’t feel or read like shilling. And I feel like they judge games across genres and backgrounds pretty fairly overall. And the later doesn’t do many reviews but the report on a lot of Japanese stuff.


I’ve visited Destructoid on occasion. I may look into Siliconera though. I have a low tolerance for BS that most game sites put out these days.

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Siliconera and Gematsu are my go tos mainly because I’m more interested in Japanese games which are those sites beard & butter.

Replaying Pokemon Black and I forgot I started a nuzlocke challenge (explaining the names, I usually don’t name my Pokemon). I was going to restart, but I was half way done so might as well play through. This is my team.

Only hard counter is Fighting type since 3 of my Pokemon are super effective by it. I taught Hebrew Ariel Ace and I’m probably going to teach another Pokemon some Physic move. I know people make fun of the Ice Cream Pokemon, but god damn. It bodies Dragons. It’s defense might be ass, but wew Ice Beam is a 1 hit KO most of time.

Also these damn rivals and gym leaders don’t give a fuck using those Hyper Potions. It’s like they use 3 minimum. Doesn’t matter if it’s not their ace, they’ll just use it if they see the red. It’s been fun, on Victory Road right now, then I get kick N’s ass.

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Relevant with the subject of Pokemon, and by extension, its waifus



I am both disturbed and at the same time… understanding?

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You named the snake…Hebrew?



Yeah I didn’t know what 2012 me was thinking, lol.