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Most Capcom games have official releases on more modern platforms so that isn’t a concern when it comes to playing Capcom games offline.

I understand that, but Capcom wouldnt ve cool with it regardless of modern releases or not.

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Has anyone ever ordered a game steelbook from best buy without the actual game and received it in the mail without issue?

Doom eternal has a steelbook and is in stock.

I never said they would be? Nor did I say that nintendo should be cool with smash players doing it?

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You can buy just a steelbook? Wtf…

Not cool with Nintendo’s decision, but then again, this is a ego check for the Smash community who think they could very well do without EVO, and this is what happens… :joy: :joy:

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I am more than Fine with Nintendo Smashing out Melee. And I encourage it.

That’s kinda cool. I’d set cop it if I still played on consoles.

Took a while for Sekiro to click for me. I’ve never played a Souls game, but I’m looking forward to Demon’s Souls after I beat Miles. You think I’ll like it after playing through Sekiro?

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Demon’s Souls clicked a little bit tonight for me. I got to a part where I opened up this gate that made it so next time I did the run I could skip a lot of the level to get to where I was getting my ass handed to me before. Once I started walking down these stairs and saw this gate I was like “WAIT A MINUTE!” and then it was like a fucking light bulb went off.

Thing is, I had gotten to that point way before but I opted to go the other direction and just went further into the level and then died like WTF now I gotta do this all again?

But now that I see how that is, I kind of get what I need to look for. And I’m still VERY early on in the game. Like at the preface part.

I also was messing with display settings and there is a bright filter that I turned on. I found it super helpful because the game just tends to be unnecessarily dark for whatever reason especially when indoor. I mean I get that it’s dark in those areas, but it just makes it hard when you can’t see dick.


They are pretty different from eachother, but Miyazaki has a style, a way he does level design, enemy design and boss design that has shared DNA in all his games. Demons Souls is way more of an RPG then Sekiro was, there is lots of gear, multiple weapons, and skill points to allocate and make a character build where as in Sekiro the skill trees are small and there aren’t points to dump into attributes. In Demons you can be a Knight, or a Mage, or an agile fighter, or a Spearman.

There is some overlap between the two but that’s more because they have the same director then being similar games imo.

I think you’ll like Demons Souls. It’s a dark atmospheric RPG that asks you try instead of coast. Be observant. Explore everywhere. As Purbeast just discovered going left instead of right can easily make you miss a valuable moment of some kind, gear, shortcut, stuff like that.

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Neo: The World Ends With You japanese trailer…

English trailer

Maybe the MC won’t be such an insufferable twat I can get through the beginning this time.

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Given the talent behind the first game and how much hyping it has slowly been getting over the years I hope this works out. Frankly anything main Square Enix does that isn’t a direct Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts spin-off is a surprise especially if they give it a decent budget. I would hope between the anime and this sequel they do this game right.


Miles Morales behind the scenes…


Came across this as a suggested video on Youtube and it owns so I thought I’d post it here. Gives me goosebumps.



GOTY awards are stupid.

Change my mind.


Award shows in general are dumb.
GOTY, Emmys, Oscars, Ect.