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Thing is…it’s Ubisoft.


Wait some more…

Does that include the power supply as well?

But as far as the trends for arcade hardware going, $500 is what expected.

NAOMI games aren’t cheap, i know alot of people get the Net Dimm board for the Naomi, and network that to a Raspberry Pi, and let the Pi act as a server to load up Naomi roms.

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No power supply.

Should I pull the trigger?
I pulled the trigger


500 is a decent price for just the board honestly. Sounds like something worth pulling the trigger on.


This game gives me Metroid vibes, sign me up


Looks dope as fuck. Definitely day Juan.


From the co-owner of CDPR…


Let’s gooooo…

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Any of you mofos play Escape from Tarkov?

Apparently, Returnal is roguelike. You are in a constant deathloop and restart from the same spot and fight through a constantly evolving and decaying alien world with new weapons and gear each time. I’ve never played a roguelike game, but I’m thinking this will be my first. Looks fucking sick.


I think this addition to Mario 3D World on Switch looks fucking awesome. Wii-U is like the only console I have missed in the past 25+ years or so so I never played 3D World but I always thought it looked cool. I’m excited to grab it next month,.


Damn Nioh 2 for PC is already coming out Feb 5th. Still gotta finish Cyberpunk and I also bought Yakuza Like a Dragon over the holiday with steam gift card I received.

So I played Escape from Tarkov a bit today. Shit is mad intense. I have no fuckin’ idea what Im suppose to do so I just head off in a direction. I was in some building looking around and I saw a door that led outside. So I head out there and suddenly I hear some dude talk shit. I turn around fast and he starts shooting at me and I duck back into the room and pop off a shot. He’s talkin’ some shit and trying to shoot me but he cant hit me. I peek out the doorway and shoot at him 3 or 4 times then hide back inside again. It seemed like I hit dude, he yelled like I hit him. So I peek out some more and he is running away. He shoots at me a bit and I pull back inside the door. I decide to give chase and I run out into some bushes and try to circle around him to the right. Im creeping through some bushes and I hear shots firing and hear a humming near me from the bullets. So I lay down. I wait a bit and then I go out into the open. Nothing happens. I look around for the dude but I cant find him anywhere. So I head off looking for something…anything.

I make my way through some building and Im on the second floor and the wall is blown away and I can see outside. I decide to jump down onto a awning and from there to the ground. Well, when I jumped to the awning I fractured my leg. Then I jumped from there to the ground and I fractured the other leg. I didnt know that was going to happen. Now my dude is hurt and he moves at a snails pace. I cant climb anything or jump anymore. So im limping through some area and BAM…wizz…BAMBAM…wizwiz. Someone is shooting at me. Its hard to tell where the dude is cause everything is blurry. My dude is in mad pain from his busted legs. But I manage to pop off some shots and I get the guy shooting at me. Then I make my way to where he was at, I wasnt sure if I got him or not. Sure enough there he is, dead on the ground. I go over and inspect his shit and someone starts shooting at me. I take use the dead guy as cover and I look for the shooter. Two of them. I take aim and blam, one goes down. Then I take the other out.

I died soon after that to several dudes hiding out, laying a trap for me. One guy was shooting at me from a building. I spotted him and returned fire and he ran out of the building so I ran after him. Then his two buddies hiding out to behind me and to the left start shooting at me. They got me.

That first guy I was fighting that vanished… I did kill. He died from his leg wound. I just couldnt find his body. Pretty cool.

A new 2.5D fighting game in development

Game looks rough. Hopefully, it turns out good and not flop like Omen Of Sorrow


To I recently learned that with Atomiswave, the high scores are saved in the system and not the cartridges. And it can only save one high score at a time.

So if I swap cartridges in mine and turn it on, the high scores I had on the previous game will be gone.

That is kind of a blower especially with the 2 light gun games I have because they are more time/score based and all about getting high scores.

Worst case if I really care I will have to get another Atomiswave system so I have one for each cartridge.


I give Galaxy and Odyssey the nod over 3DW personally, as far as platforming goes. But 3DW is still fucking rad, and the multiplayer is actually good. You’re gonna have a blast playing with your son. I can’t wait to get it, either.

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It seems quite a bit different than those other 3D games, which is good. Like it has actual “levels” instead of “worlds” it seems. My son has watched a ton of it on Youtube so that’s all I’ve seen.

I played a bit of Galaxy recently on Switch and damn that game can be disorienting. It’s awesome still though.

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SNK isn’t shattering anyone’s expectations with those shitty trailers. They’re way too short and have too many cuts. The Shun’ei trailer was just as bad as those DBFZ trailers

That trailer had more cuts than a fight scene with Liam Neeson

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Yeah, SNK should stop giving us trailers for characters that have already been announced (Shunei, Kyo, Beni, etc.), just give us the good stuff…

And by that I mean the return of the '96 Boss Team