Video Game Masters youtube series

A little series we started working on near the end of 2009. It’s mostly about fighting games but sometimes other games like WWE games and such are featured. Our old channel is slowly moving stuff to the new one. The new channel is-

We’re starting things over with a new channel and better organization. The new channel, VideoGameMasters09 will have both VGM and Retro Fighters. As I re-upload the episodes, I’m also blogging our thoughts on each episode and what went through our heads when we were working on them back in the day.


here’s that classic SNES fighting game TMNT Tournament Fighters

here’s episode 4, TMNT Smash-Up on our new channel

[media=youtube]roPqQre3r1I[/media] MK VS DC
[media=youtube]WQStQt21grA[/media] KOF XI
[media=youtube]sl4DsCpxJi8[/media] KOFXII

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[media=youtube]9iEIREoRV2E[/media]not really a fighting game, but it is where Haggar, Cody, Guy and Poison came from.

[media=youtube]-QXEmrlVHH4[/media] DBZ Hyper Dimension, still a solid fighting game

[media=youtube]BKAABaH_0vo[/media] DBZ Ultimate Battle 22… pretty mediocre… and DB GT Final Bout was just awful.

Soul Calibur IV again, but on the new channel
Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament

[media=youtube]wZRTz_8HBlc[/media] The King of Fighters 98- Unlimited Match
[media=youtube]Hkqt3bIedzU[/media] BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
[media=youtube]jUl1-ILaKtA[/media] Capcom VS SNK Series
[media=youtube]Gv-NnUO2WZg[/media] Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
[media=youtube]WGaewoZ-1sM[/media] The original Mortal Kombat Trilogy
[media=youtube]9KFwjAasd1o[/media] Super SF 4 Arcade Edition
[media=youtube]l_Su-8VnD8w[/media] Dead or Alive 5

[media=youtube]u8LcBTEEj3Q[/media] Mortal Kombat 2012
[media=youtube]G3XS0IGehn0[/media] KOF 94-98
[media=youtube]172YZj4o1Z8[/media] KOF 99 and KOF 2000

[media=youtube]EwjQDMBaN4M[/media] the classic Simpsons and X-Men 4-player arcade games
[media=youtube]tryx5aNBvGM[/media] Tekken 6
[media=youtube]Z42kGrlbOuQ[/media] Dead or Alive 4
[media=youtube]XcC6qsqHvNQ[/media] Street Fighter X Tekken
[media=youtube]x4qMk2llq-4[/media] Street Fighter EX series

[media=youtube]r5Zadrdid1Q[/media] Soul Calibur 5
[media=youtube]49JRTvA3KXQ[/media] KOF 2001, 2002 and 2003
[media=youtube]w0zJ6uINgaM[/media] KOF XIII

[media=youtube]gFqvoyrPTA4[/media] fatal Fury 1, 2 and Special
[media=youtube]P44mJQ5Awf8[/media] Tekken Tag Tournament 2
[media=youtube]RsCGxlCkPS8[/media] Dead or Alive 5

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”> retro time with Art of Fighting 1 and 2.</span></font> I wonder how many times we said kawaii in this episode. Our first look at Injustice. We were both surprised that Raven was in it. KAWAII