Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


Discuss your fav gaming OST, remixes, arranged, make recommendations to your fellow forumites, etc.




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In the words of Shanon “Let the music play”.

Best Game Songs, Themes, Whatever
Best Game Songs, Themes, Whatever
Favorite Video Game Music
SRK Lounge: The Now Open Edition
Guile's Theme Groove Metal Cover on Drums, Bass and Multiple Guitars SO HOARDT!
Post your favorite songs from games!
THE SOUND OF SRK!-Your favorite tracks to fight to

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SRK Threads Ordered by Subject
SRK Threads Ordered by Subject
#3 is really great


I need an mp3 of the Beast level in X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse for the SNES.


Speaking of Zone of The Enders, 2nd Runner’s Beyond The Bounds is one of the sickest intro tracks I’ve ever heard in a game.

I need to get some things of shadowhaxor. All this time I’ve been at SRK and I’ve yet to DL a single thing from the site. Of course this was due to some weird quirk in my comp. :arazz:







Will Smith: Aw Hell Naw


mario rpg’s soundtrack, jet grind radio’s soundtrack (although you’ll have to hunt around for ALL of the songs from the game…some of them are not on the sndtrk) and final fantasy III DS soundtrack are great. i don’t hear those a lot in conversations but yeah…


This is a good Site for Remixes.


I use gamemp3s a lot:
Really good site that’s updated a lot with full soundtracks for tons of games and gets updated very frequently. They are currently re-uping every album they ever released in packs of “A”, “B”, “C”… etc. Only real downside is once a torrent is dead you wont be able to find seeders… dood.


f-zero X: guitar arrange edition
perfect selection: dracula battle

thread over.

#13 is another good site for soundtracks and RPG news. It’s mostly RPG soundtracks though.

The GH FFshrine site has part of the Digital Devil Saga soundtracks, I recommend those. Especially the battle themes. “Big Battle” “Hunting Comrades” from the first game.


A link to one of my favorite sets ever.

  1. Die Hard Trilogy - I Just Love The Airport (OrgaNik’s Opening Credits Mix)*
  2. Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave Vs (d.y.n.e’s Flasher Mix)*
  3. Doom - Dark Halls (Electrogenix’s ‘Doomed - Harder Mix’)
  4. Resident Evil 2 - A Secure Place (Andy French vs. Resident Evil ‘Sanctuary’)
  5. Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 3 (Eldritch’s Darkness Remix)*
  6. Metroid - Secret Area/Main Title (jex Mix)
  7. Ninja Gaiden - The Masked Devil (OrgaNik Plays It Safe Mix)*
  8. Mega Man 3 - Dr. Wily Stage 3 (Eldritch’s Bangin’ Remix)*
  9. Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant (Luke Terry vs. Sonic The Hedgehog ‘Chemical’)
  10. Mega Man 3 - Snake Man (Stage Of Snake - Project Seven Remix)*
  11. Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road (3F05Q’s Lead Foot Remix)
  12. Final Fantasy - Prelude (Videle vs SeaWasp Remix)
  13. Shadow Of The Colossus - The Opened Way (Ambia Remix)*
  14. Sonic 2 - Sky Chase (RickyM Remix)*
  15. Universal Soldier - Underwater (Terry Barker Remake)

Best track on there is Rainbow Road or the Snake Man Stage.
But really there are so many good tracks on there.


Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies is pretty beefy.


Found the original thread.

And hear is some FF piano music.


I almost had a seizure when I first heard that track. Jesus, that shit is wild.

Love it though. There’s like 4 versions too


Thunder Force 2 had one kick-ass track. It was the fire planet stage. I believe the track was titled Venus Fire.

Duck Tales’ (nes) Moon stage was pretty sweet, as was the Tree Zone stage from Rescue Rangers. the Little Mermaid has a damned good soundtrack (fuck you…I bought it cuz Capcom’s nes Disney games were ALL good.). Little Nemo? Ownage. SF 2010 had a badass soundtrack…what happened to the sound team that did these great things


I need to download more soundtracks. But right now F-Zero GX’s soundtrack owns me.

Some real good ones I have include the GGX and XX and Salamander 2. I know there’s some other tracks for games but I’ll have to play through them to find them.

And Sonic & Knuckles has to be included. Lava Reef Zone was top-tier.

I had a lot more before my drive crashed. Time to load up Winamp with Super Metroid. That shit was good. Norfair music had me pumped. The SSBM remix was too good.


You mean Thunderforce III right? I was gonna list that in this thread…

I can’t find decent music for any of the games I’m thinking of… Radiant Silvergun, Musha Aleste (M.U.S.H.A. for Genesis) or Shinobi 3…