Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


New OC Remix album is out:


Final battle music from FE Birthright

Apparently there are 3 variations of this theme; one is used in each game.





someone said chrono trigger already, but chrono trigger. Also I listen to Suprdarky’s youtube channel, its VGM on VGM on VGM


you guys should really check out parody videogame music channel giivasunner.
it parodies another videogame music channel giLvasunner
it’s funny to see how they ruin some of your favorite videogame tracks


Undertale is the most anime game I have ever played


Alex’s theme in SFV is sick.


Gamechops released a Street Fighter album called Headbangers by A Rival for those interested.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to what’s been posted on the channel yet save for the Ryu one.




i will repost this cuz alex has arrived to SF5



Royal Battle DLC map music


I’ve been listening to nothing but Giiva’s high quality video game rips for about 2 weeks now. I’ll post a few of my faves in spoiler(s).

[details=Spoiler] [/details]

[details=Spoiler] [/details]

EDIT: Welp GiIva is kill ;_;




My wife has been trying to push me to play through all the Phoenix Wright games I got for her and I’ve been trying to slowly get through Trials and Tribulations. Really digging this track whenever it plays.

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations - Trial


SiIVagunner has come to


Got around to finishing Danganronpa on PC last weekend. Love the soundtrack.


glad that more and more people are discovering the greatness that is Danganronpa.

also…good choice @Sonichuman ! T&T easily the best game in the series imo.


I started nodding my head after a couple moments when the track came on all. Realized that I needed to know what that track was.