Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


Heard this on Snake Eyez’ stream. Kinda like it.


Hunter’s Chance (FINAL FANTASY IX) Remix


Seymour Battle - BRASS de BRAVO 2 Remix

The Man with the Machine Gun(FINAL FANTASY 8)Brabra Remix


Recently finished Danganronpa 2 on PC. Much like the first game, I enjoyed it heaps.


The second part of the FFV OCReMix album is out



I just ordered the Fire Emblem Fates soundtrack (JPN). Music’s too good, and you get so much of it. This page shows you what’s included:


Donkey Kong Country ‘High Tide’ by Foxy Panda

Source track is ‘Aquatic Ambience’. Thought this was pretty well done. Turns the normally slow and mellow sounding song and gives it a hip hop vibe. No lyrics aside from a few 'hey!'s to rock with the beat.


Looks like Tee Lopes is back

Green Grove Zone Re-imagined



Got it.


I wish I was a Yamaha FM Chip ;_;


So, this soundtrack collection is nuts. There are 134 tracks in FE Fates alone on the 7 discs, but the DVD contains an extra 100+ tracks, plus all the cutscenes from the game. I know some of the extra tracks are from the DLC, but I don’t know what the others are as I haven’t listened to them yet.


Was wandering Youtube and stumbled across this:

Artists Soundcloud:


@King9999 toss me a link to where I can order that FE Fates collection, bro.


Note that the included booklet is in Japanese, but you can find all the translated track names here:


Thanks, fam.


I need more…


The Mega Drive FM sound chip always reminds me of the Commodore 64 SID sound chip, rough as fuck but whenever a decent composer gets on it you get some 10/10 crunchy tunes


is that rival turf?