Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!



This is a Metroid mix by the same artist.



Sonic Fan Medley by GaMetal

Ken’s Theme by GaMetal

Doomsday Zone/ Big Arms by GaMetal


Are there any Youtube channels that have a collection of final boss music from various games?


Another great Zanzibar Breeze remix


Undertale might be irrelevant these days but whatever, this mash-up with Porter Robinson’s “Goodbye to a World” high-quality rip is pretty good.


Seeing you post a remix of one of Undertale’s song feels me with determination.


Gotta know the source material. We all should for these, I’m assuming.


Badass fucking track:


Fan-created CPS2 themed character music. He says they are CPS2 themed but some have clear influence from non-CPS2 games. He’s made over a hundred of them.


i love team teamwork’s mashups.



40 minute metal medley tribute to Super Mario RPG by GaMetal

Goes in nearly the order of how the tracks would appear in the game so it may be a nice little nostalgia trip. Even does the map music.

Flying Battery Zone Re-Imagined by Tee Lopes

Fairly straightforward redo of Act 1 and Act 2 until about 2:05. Really like what he started doing at 2:05.

Final Fantasy V ‘BZKR’ OCReMix by Sixto Sounds and Jeff Ball

Source is ‘Battle 1’. The way the violin starts out in this track good lord… I’m not well versed in Final Fantasy V seeing as how I’ve probably barely touched the game and don’t know much of the music aside from me listening to the source track now as I type this but damn I love what Sixto and Jeff did to this. If you like FFV, rocking guitars and voilins then give this a listen. As a reminder this also comes from the 2nd part of OCReMix’s FFV album.

Edit: Jeff has actually been involved in quite a few things after I decided to click on ahyper link for him on the track on OC. He’s actually done work on Stephen Universe and on the upcoming Indivisible among some other games like Gears 3 and Mass Effect 3.



More FE Fates music


I created a playlist:

I enabled it so that you guys can add your own. There are lots of games out there, and there’s only so many that I can add.


Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack makes me cum so hard


Wait so if we add it to our playlists and put stuff on it it will change it on youtube? Is that what you’re saying?


Try going here:


Oh wow that’s cool didn’t even know that was possible.