Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


Ken’s theme? rofl


points at avatar

Undertale players should find this familier.

And this is my personal favorite.


wow…this is so blatant lol.

Edit: just realized this is from SilvaGunner’s account. I’ve been had lol.


Remix of Chaos Temple “Final Fantasy 1”


Why in the goddamn fuck does a puzzle game need such an intense theme?




I Am Setsuna has a great piano-based soundtrack.



I’ve been looping this track at work the last couple of hours.
Damn man ! I had no idea this game had such a great soundtrack.

i might just have to get a n64 and actually play this instead of trying to re-sell for 200€.


Ever hear of The Hybridfront? It was a Genesis game that never made it outside of Japan. The soundtrack is all kinds of dope. One of the composers of Sonic CD’s Japanese soundtrack did the bulk of The Hybrid Front’s score. It’s all kinds of dance and funk worthy with voice samples.

Also, Crying World from Ristar is godlike:


Seizures of Life (A Chrono cross remix) by Michael Boyd.

Remix of Chaos Temple "Final Fantasy 1


I Am Setsuna’s ‘No Turning Back’ has a section in it that sounds a lot like a call out to the Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time… @ 1:28. I’m pretty sure it isn’t on purpose but when I first started hearing the first few notes in that section it made me ‘…?’


This guy does a bunch of metal covers of different video game tracks. Here’s him doing some Mega Man X:


I’m not feeling what they did to Juri’s theme in SFV…


wow ! @“po pimpus” you were 100% right

that does sound BAAAAAAAAAD


I’m probably in a minority of people that liked Juri’s theme from Super 4 since I think it fit her character extremely well. The main issue with V’s the same with Bison’s in that it doesn’t really feel like it invokes the character. It’s way too subdued for her. I’m not even going to get into whatever the beginning of the track was about. It feel he wanted to put Juri in the same dance club that Bison seems to be stuck in at the moment and then Juri’s theme from Super 4 comes in and…I da know…tries to take over the UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ that’s been going through the speakers for the past 55 seconds and it feels like an after thought without much punch.


DJ Maxie is one of my fav mixers.


SFV Beach theme 1 & 2


I think ecclesia has an overall amazing soundtrack but the chapel is one of my faves.


One of my favorite Xillia 2 songs: