Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


Here’s a memorable track from I am Setsuna. Is it as good as Chrono Trigger? No way. But I don’t regret playing it.


OCReMix is about to release another Chrono Trigger Album called Chronology: A Jazz Tribute

If you like Chrono Trigger and Jazz then it might be a good idea to give this a listen when it gets released.

Also after checking out the OCR site there seems to be a whole nother Chrono Trigger album that got released in Feb that’s 5 discs long with each disc representing one of the time eras.

Chronicles of Time is apparently being done by 200 artists in the VGM community. Among a few of the names that are name dropped on the site include Stemage, The OneUps, Super Guitar Bros., Super Soul Bros., norg, Snappleman, and a bunch of others. Full List is here. You do have to pay for it through Loudr, iTunes or GooglePlay.

Then this just popped up on my youtube while I was typing this

Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali 2016



I haven’t been able to stop listening to this track ever since Sonic Mania got announced. It’s so damn good! I really want to see what else Tee Lopes has coming for this game.


Planet Scorch Act 2 from Ristar with SOR2 instruments.

one for Super Mario Land 2 - Star Maze

and that same track done with Sonic 3 instrumentals instead.


Castlevania SOTN " Dracula Castle " GM Remix.

Seizures of Life (A Chrono cross remix) by Michael Boyd.


The Yamaoka vibes are REAL.


Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger is freaking legit. I didn’t think it was possible for ears to have an O.


I need some help.

Athena Asamiya theme. It was a Midi of the 96 Arrange. I found it on VG Music, this was years ago. I mean like 1999 or some shit. I have had that version in MP3 format (recorded back in WinXP) but I dont have it anymore. So fast forward to today, I go to VGmusic song is there, and still says “arrange” but the actual music has been replace with an arrangement of the OST version, and not the AST.

The AST midi arrangement was exactly like the AST version but with words replaced with an AWESOME instrument. It literally sounds better than any Neo Geo hardware version by far, and I personally prefer it to any actual version OST/AST of her music. The one that replaces it is a usual vgmusic “sounds worse than the OST” for games that are newer than NES.

I’ve been trying searches, and getting no where, and my own copy of that midi is long gone.


Probably one of the nicest “select” themes I’ve heard yet. This is from Ddonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label. Manabu Nomiki is godlike

Well that, and here’s the Stage 1 theme from the same, can’t think of a better music track to start out the game with such an intense gameplay

First heard it while watching Salty Bet and immediately fell in love with the song


Ryu Theme GM Remix

SF2 Balrog Theme GM Remix

SF2 Zangief Theme GM Remix


Persona 5 soundtrack

Here’s the battle theme


Posted this earlier in the VGG thread but Mick put up a vid of him playing Rip & Tear from Doom 2016


KOF 97 Intro GM Remix

Blue Mary’s Blues GM Remix


KOF 97 Intro GM Remix

Blue Mary’s Blues GM Remix


Not a VG theme per se, but professional wrestler TJ Perkins debuted a new theme recently in WWE, and it’s clearly inspired by the Mega Man series’ musical style.



" Promise " silent Hill 2 GM Remix

Nakoruru Theme GM Remix

Guile Theme GM Remix

Esaka Medley GM Remix

Captain Commando GM Remix


Super Mario Bros Theme GM Remix

Tales of Destiny GM Remix

The Place I`ll Return to Someday “FF9” GM Remix

Metal Gear Solid Theme GM Remix


Metal Saga Battle with the Wanted GM Remix

KOF 96 Psycho Soldier Theme Remix