Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


Karin’s theme cover


Sonic the Hedgehog " Marble Zone " GM Remix

Super Mario Bros Medly GM Remix


My friend got his Megadrive / Genesis fixed so we got to play SoR first time in years last weekend. Was worth it since game is still tons of fun and soundtrack is awesome.


If the Pokemon Sun/Moon demo is anything to go by, the game will have a killer soundtrack.


I am very interested to hear the rest of this remix from Grimecraft of Aquatic Ambience


Ok this has always bugged the shit out of me. There is one track from darkstalkers revenge which is not in any soundtrack. Not even the official one. It’s the one where you transition from one fight to the next. You beat character A, then you get a very brief screen that most people just mash a button to skip, and then it transitions into the VS screen. That one screen has this really sick theme but I CANNOT FUCKING FIND IT ANYWHERE.




You mean Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter? Quick went through my copy on the PS2 to try and figure this out. I’m under the impression you’re referring to the victory screen that displays a portrait of the winning character and some dialogue to go with it. If that’s the case, every character has their own victory theme; only other tunes I came across were the character select theme and the VS theme. If it’s something different, I’ll try looking a little harder.



Man, Central Fiction really outdid itself with all the new tracks they added in. Nine’s theme is fucking awesome. I can’t think of a cooler, more metal theme for a badass ancient witch.


Tee Lopes take on Gerudo Valley from OoT

looooove it when people make Gerudo Valley super Latin infused. Works so well for it.


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I remember playing Lumines Plus demo from the OPSM disc like… 8 years ago or so. Couldn’t find a copy of it at my local retailers. Now I feel like I missed out on a great title


full version of Grimecraft’s Aquatic Ambience


I’ve been playing a lot of F-Zero GX lately. I really did not appreciate the greatness of this game twelve years ago. My five favorite themes from this large OST. I highly recommend listening to them with quality headphones:

This is the first theme that caught my ear when I played GX years ago. The designers nailed the casino vibe with those courses. Final lap @ 1:32.

Another theme that caught my ear back in the day. Final lap @ 1:24. Time to get serious.

About ten seconds of calmness and then…pure intensity. This isn’t the type of music that I normally listen to, but when you combine it with that fiery scenery and high speed racers…you get pure adrenaline. Final lap @ 1:59.
Awesome. This is a hidden/unlockable tune in the game. The beat is fantastic.

I love the results theme from the original F-Zero. GX takes it to another level…and then another.

I don’t know much about Nintendo’s/Sega’s plans nowadays, but this game is too good to not be re-released for this generation. It’s tough, but rewarding.[/details]


This is probably my favorite Sun/Moon track.


Some of you probably know already, but the Shadowhaxor site is gone. :frowning: They haven’t updated their page for a while.


I noticed a while back. SOMETHING happened… maybe this time the money really did dry up to keep hosting it. Shocked it lasted as long as it did.


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero OST just dropped. It’s at a name your price download so, it can be free if you wish:


Sonic Runners music is pretty tight. Very impressive stuff for a mobile game. We’re talking console/handheld quality music here.


Figured I’d throw this out there while I’m in the process of messing with my playlist for the trip to magfest but if you’d like to have Mirage Saloon and Studiopolis rips from Sonic Mania then use these.

Mirage Saloon isn’t the best quality but it’ll do for now.