Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!


Actually…after looking around the site itself this might be a place worth putting in the OP


Also figured while I’m updating my player with Songs I’d put up this other track from FE Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors - Duty (Deep Blaze)


I updated the OP. It’s less cluttered. Sites that are gone or have been inactive for years have been removed.


Here’s one from Guild Wars 2:

Another one from ArcheAge:


Found this really cool 25th anniversary Kirby chiptune album.

34 tracks, plenty of old and new favorites and these guys are huge fans of the SUNSOFT audio font. It is a name your price download, so you can get it for free. Highly recommended. I never knew I wanted Time to Learn, White Office March and Lovely Yellow Va-Va-Vrooms in chiptune form until I heard them.


Possibly one the closest things to a relic thanks to this forum

Well besides


YES! The Pixel Mixers latest album covers the F-ZERO series!

Album info:

Download link:!+[F-Zero].zip


Captain America from MvC by GaMetal


Sooo if you’re interested in the DBFZ OST…here’s a rip


Also this places is steadily getting a really nice collection of music. Check out the stuff that’s been recently added!


Some piano music: Jazzy NYC '99 and Megaman X4. Guy has a few other piano songs on his youtube channel that are good


I feel like that guy’s timing is slightly off for Jazzy NYC but I dig it.


Been playing Trails of Cold Steel 2 on PC lately. Here are some tracks




Since I’m locked out of my old account, I can’t update the OC but I still intend to make posts here.

The Pixel Mixers most recent album was Kirby based and it’s pretty good.



Guys help

I KNOW I’ve heard the bit between 5 secs to 19 secs in a game before, like a results screen or something. Anyone else recognise it?


This is the only JoJo game I think it could come from. Granted I’m haven’t read or watched anything beyond Part 3 of JJBA. You might be able to find what you’re looking for in this playlist.


Latest Pixel Mixers album is GODLIKE. It also covers one of my favorite games.


Tee Lopes tries his hand at Stickerbrush symphony


06 Guile Stage Hyper Street Fighter II ~The Starting Over~ Remix Tracks

Jin Kazama Theme MIDI