Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!





Back in the day this theme was always hype! Also, when you paused the game it would only pay the bass:


Looks like Nintendo is about to release the ost for Splatoon 2

You can get a glimpse of the 2 who sing for Pearl and Marina


Also wanted to mention that OCR released an album that focused on Sega’s racing games awhile ago

Also after having played a good chunk of the Octo expansion for Splatoon 2 I’m posting these 3 tracks

There’s a few others from some of the stages you play in this game but these stand out. Just a heads up thought they all have Pearl and Marina singing in them just in case that’s not your thing.


Oh yeah and I almost forgot about this

no vocals

with vocals

Very interesting beat.


I’ve been on this kick recently…

This guy’s youtube channel breaks down VG music and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve been listening to him on the way to and from work. If you’re a music nut then you’ll probably like a few of his breakdowns on tracks.

The video I’m listening to right now kind of blew my mind because I’ve never known that the melody for the Ghost House theme for Super Mario World is just a slowed down version of the Overworld theme for the game


These 2 are similar


Some music from ZUNTATA, Taito’s in-house game band.


‘Ruby Distortions’ by Pirate Crab

Original track is ‘Ruby Ilusions’. This remix is pretty straight forward with very little differences in the original. The source is immediately recognizable and is constantly played throughout this. Probably the most experimentation that this has is during the second pass where there’s some extra guitar flair in the background. If you already dig the original and wouldn’t mind it with a bit harder metal sound then you’ll like this.



As if this track couldn’t get any better.


I’m finally getting a higher capacity MP3 player so I can take more music with me which meana I may be posting more often in here hopefully.

While I’m here though I’ll post this up for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Also OCR put out a Skies of Arcadia album


@Sonichuman what kinda of MP3 player are you picking up? MP3 players are my music player of choice as well.


I’d been suffering for sometime ever sinca Zune I had that coukd carry my whole library with me died and been working with a 32 gb zune for the longest time. I just ordered 120gb ipod touch despite me trying to stay away from Apple stuff. There arent too many high capacity mp3 players that you can use your comp to make a playlist with it seems. I bought one earlier and it was an exercise in frustration since you had to go to each individual sonh on the mp3 player itself to add it.




James Landino and Grimecraft killed their sets tonight. I’m hoping Magfest puts it up.


Just discovered these guys called The Hit Points, doing bluegrass covers of videogame music:


as someone who was born, partially raised and currently living in the south I fucking hate pretty much anything and everything southern culture except fried okra and blue grass music.

I unironically, unabashedly fucking love blue grass music. Nothing gets my toe tappin’ more than a dude that can shred on a “fiddle” or a banjo. It’s god damn music to my ears.

So those songs done in blue grass style is super fucking cool.

Here is there band camp if anyone wants to buy their shit:


Dude, I grew up playing bluegrass guitar and have been playing Scruggs style banjo for the last few years. Banjo is so fucking fun, and if your looking for a good outlet to spend time I recommend pitching a cheap one up and learning a little.