Video Game Music Thread Ver. Once More With FEELING!

Ill have to give these a listen when I get a chance.

I don’t think I mentioned it in here but Gamechops released a 3rd Spindash album. These are a few tracks off of it.

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Official music video

Also Super Mario World’s ‘Athletic’ theme sounds amazing as blue grass

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I’m really late posting this but the Pixel Mixers latest album is centered around the Donkey Kong Country series.

Capcom adds a metric fuckton of OST’s to Spotify


I need to add some Phoenix Wright to my playlist. Some of that music is solid af.

I’ve been trying to wittle down my game music playlist ever since I got my Ipod and been getting reacquainted with some of the music that I’ve had but haven’t been able to listen too due to space

Don’t know how I never had this in my original playlist. I haven’t heard much Naganuma in games so I had to do a quick lookup to see what he was up too and forgot he did the music for Hover and apparently that weird indie game Lethal League

might have to see how the music is for these games if they’re anything like that above track.

Also in celebration of Link’s Awakening getting remade I’m going to put this remix up

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Zelda and chill - Minuet of Forest

Sonic Mania Adventures - Discovery remix by Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue

Super Mario Bros 3 bonus level remix

Thought what the guy did with the warp zone theme to make a beat was interesting. Track has lyrics though and if you don’t like hip hop its definitely going to be a turn off.


Well seeing as how there’s this limitation on here where people can only post 3 times in a row on a topic…I’ll throw this in here

I don’t think I ever posted anything when the Portrait of a Plumber album came out from OCR so here’s my pick of 3 tracks from that album.

‘Somebody Set Up Us the Bob-omb’ by Theory of N. Source track ‘Bob-omb Battlefield/Super Mario 64 Main Theme’

‘Devastation’s Duel’ by Sole Signal and Fishy. Source tracks are ‘Koopa’s Road’, ‘Koopa’s Theme’ and ‘Ultimate Koopa’

‘Sunken Secrets’ by Fishy. Source track is ‘Dire Dire Docks’

Honorable mention
‘Find the Red Coin’ by Sole Signal. Source Track is ‘Hazy Maze Cave/Cave Dungeon’

Edit 2

Smooth Mcgroove - wii shop channel

Edit 3:

Currently listening to the Link to the Past OCR album while I’m working out since I didn’t get a chance to listen to it when it first came out and it’s better than I expected it to be. Nothing so far that I outright dislike so far and it has a few I’ve heard that I do really like. I’ll probably listen through again and then post a top 3.


MK11 title music

^ The strings in this track sound like they were trying do the Avengers theme for a minute. The notes sound WAAAY too close.

There is a track from UNIST that is piano centric with a bit of bass in it that I keep hearing any time the fgc guys around here are playing it. Had to look up what track it was.

I dig this.


Edit 2:

Really good piano cover of ‘Face My Fears’ that showed up in my feed

Edit 3:

Trying to clean up my playlist and this track popped up

No More Heroes II - It’s Kill or Be Killed

If you don’t like lyrics especially by a japanese lady singing slight engrishy english then you prob won’t like this. Personall though love how she harmonizes to sound like like the main theme of No More Heroes through the hook also dig the synth, drums and the guitar. Especially love how the guitar starts out on this.

Wanted to point out that OCR has also released an album for Chrono Cross

Never played Chrono Cross or heard any of its music so I’d be completely unfamiliar the tracks and how they compare with the original ost but considering some of the names that are involved I’m sure there’s a few solid mixes on it.

I don’t know how well it’s aged as a game, but I remember really liking Chrono Cross. The music was spectacular. Awesome battle system, too.


I also can’t speak of the game as it has been nearly 20 years since I’ve played it, but the soundtrack is GODLIKE. That is some of Yasunori Mitsuda’s finest work.

Audio Sprite released this Final Fantasy VIII 20th anniversary album. Some really good covers on here. The album is free, BTW.

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Artificial Fear - MK 11 main theme

Gametal - Ending/Theme of Samus


New Mega Man arrangement album from Joshua Morse.

Man had me hooked from the get-go with the Fire Man remix. Josh has a very unique style he brings to remixes. In 2011 he did Mega Man: The Robot Museum for OC Remix, an album a really enjoyed. Nice to see another Mega Man album from him.

Funny…I came here to post Joshua Morse too

Joshua Morse - Spring Yard Zone remix

Feeling that late 80’s Bobbi Brown sound its got going. Think this is part of an album thats in the description…might have to check that out.


I haven’t played VA-11 Hall-A but I bought its OST. Shit is absolutely jamming. If you like chip tune and synthwave this shit slaps. It’s such a strange but charming hybrid of both. I love it.

I’ve got the game on my Wish List. Knowing the music is boss is even more incentive for me to purchase it and with the soundtrack be priced so cheap, I may pick that sucker up as well.