VIDEO game music

What up people, I am trying to get in the video game industry and I have been making music for ever. I am not one of them people that just learned how to play a piano or drums I play just about everything and I do not sample! Anyways I was hoping to get some feed back on some of my music if you all care to hear. I have a face book with music on it and I have a beat just for VIDEO games I would like for you all to listen to. I would also like to hear anybody else that does music too and is trying or is in the video game industry! for the songs the link is below.

That is the link to my music profile and the songs are on the bottom left hand corner. The song to pick is NO GAMES LOL listen if you can and let me know if its video game material.


Video game music has changed. You need to truly be a composer to make VG music. What it sounds like you’ve done is mashed together a bunch of loops. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t sound professional.

You should learn about sample libraries because those are the staple, bread and butter of any modern composer. We have to accept that we’re not likely to ever get a chance for an orchestra to perform/record our music, so samples are your only substitute until you reach Jerry Goldsmith status. Yeah, a film composer, cause that’s basically where VG’s are headed, already are if you ask me.

Also, learning to use samples is great training for how to mix and put everything together to sound good. You can compose the most emotionally compelling music, but if you don’t mix it right it looses everything.

You could possibly become a niche composer and just do small contract work like for indie games and small projects. Learn as much as you can. Doing variety of genres can help.

P.S. Is that Michael Irvin in your facebook pic? Seriously.

LOL that is me!!! ha ha ha ha ha but thanks dude yeah I actually made the loops I do live music but with my old ass computer I have to loop my sounds from my keyboard or drum machine. I actually play the piano and all that too. I just need a real studio and not my keyboard to record my stuff. I do appreciate the info. Do you have a web page or anything?

No, I don’t have a webpage. I just dabble now that I have kids and no time to really make music. Once they get older I hope to get my studio back up and start making music. I’ve tried composing by ear on just a piano, but that crap is hard.

Yeah I do everything by ear…I am always making some type of music because I think its fun and controls most of what is in the entertainment now these days eh?

good music