Video Game Shows, i.e. 1up, etc

I enjoy the hell out of these shows such as the 1up programs, Giant Bombcast, GametrailersTV, etc. They provide previews, reviews, tips and tricks, whatever.

But why is it that ALL of these shows lack minority presence. Why? I am sure that there are plenty of Asians, Blacks, Indians, whatever that can sit down in front of a damn camera and give a lively discussion on their opinion of a game. But no, it’s almost always young white males and a token hot girl delivering their diatribe. It gets to me after a while, because there are times I’m with my friends (who are all 30+, married folks) and we discuss this game or that, and it reminds me exactly of what I might see on my fave tech show.


I really don’t see why it matters much but I guess they could have more minority representation these shows. Frankly I like the shows don’t show me the person talking and instead have them talking over game footage. I really don;t give a shit about the guy talking I wanna see the game they are talking about.

Normally, it wouldn’t matter to me. But we are talking about games here, not rocket science. There SHOULD be more rep from other racial groups. Everyone plays games, not only white young men…