Video Game Sketch Cards

This is an illustration I made for my buddy’s FGC tournament / charity fund raiser.

I wanted to draw a bad ass Capcom style group picture, and tried my best. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit everybody I wanted in, like Birdie. The proportions look odd because I used the Wiki page character stats for height and weight. So even though Alex isn’t that much shorter than Hugo in game, or Hakan that much smaller than Zangief/T.Hawk in game, it was a fun exercise.

There was also an intended SNK mash-up, but I forgot during execution so Raiden didn’t make it into the cut.

Here’s the inked illustration:

And here’s the colored piece:

It felt good to finally attempt one of these images, since Capcom artists have always been a big inspiration. I may maintain a “theme” group shot set of drawings, next I was thinking of doing crusty old fighters or the military themed fighters.

Thanks for looking.

looking good :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch.

Here are some lunch break sketches on the Galaxy Note.


Can’t hide her horse face, I screwed the pooch here.

Are you using some kind of mirroring function in Sktechbook or something? the symmetry is unreal.
Q is nicely done, but I like the Chun pose quite a bit.

i’m liking the individual pieces. very unique style. chun’s face is a little scary, but i like her hand gesture a lot

Nice work! As a grappler fan, almost all my favorite SF characters are in that first pic.

Wow they all look so cool! You did a very good job! The Chun-Li drawing is my favorite! ^^

Did you mean Queer Guile? Queer means anything not straight or gay but somewhere in the grey areas of sexuality, a term accepted on college campuses of the LGBTQ community.

Several instances in this video back up your claim of Guile’s sexuality, especially when we think of how much he misses Charlie. (WHO ISNT FUCKING BLANKA!)

Things I LOVE:

Hugo, Q, THawk (mostly the eagle), R. Mika, Guile

A few nitpicks:

Alex looks… stumpy. Like a big part of Hakan’s design is that he is top heavy with kind of short legs so it works for him. But Alex looks almost like a dwarf in that style. Guile’s face is kind of “ape like” compared to your other drawings it’s really noticeable, that style would work well for Blanka though. R.Mika and Chun’s faces really put me off personally, no offense but they look like you took inspiration from western style porn comics for their faces lol.

Still, amazing work 10x better than anything I could draw. Keep at it! I love the look for Hugo, looks less emaciated than Capcom makes him and more human.

That’s impressive. My drawings are awful.

The digital stuff is done in Autodesk Sketchbook on a Galaxy Note 10.1, and I do make use of the Symmetry tools in it to expedite drawing.

Yeah, I wasn’t happy with her mug either. Thanks.

Grapplers are so much fun. I love Hakan’s design, but I can’t play him for crap because I suck at FA, let alone FADCN stuff.

But I can watch Infiltration play him well and dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ve gravitated toward grapplers more recently because fighting game design is becoming so focused on execution, combos, and links - and grapplers just tend to hit hard with a low execution barrier for me.

Thanks. I’ll try to make her prettier in the future.


I have trouble with female faces, because I’m an old comic fan. Not exclusively Western porn comics, but more so Alan Davis, Wally Wood, Arthur Adams, etc. Classic US comic artists.

It’s not exclusive though as I’m a huge fan of any comic art, US, European, Asian. Kinu Nishimura and Akiman draw perfect Capcom girls, but the information they use in their line work to express faces is so simple and elegant. I have trouble not drawing a suggestion of the parts of the nose or lips.

I’d love to incorporate their style; but I’d prefer to do it without outright swiping their game. Practice! Practice! Practice!


Everybody makes awful drawings starting out. Just keep at it and in time you’ll become less awful at it, but chances are - like many artists, you still won’t be satisfied with the result. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhat tangentially fighting game related - here’s a Black Adam pinup. Comic costume, not the goofy Netherworld redesign for Injustice:

I was recently commissioned to do a series of video game character sketch cards (2.5"x3.5" illustrations), and it was a lot of fun. It was a nice variety of characters from all sorts of games. The client gave me free reign to interpret things as I saw fit which is always fun.

Since it was such a substantial order I included a free sketch card (Shantae) that seemed to fit the 8/16-Bit era of most of the characters:

Tools used: Tombow brush pen, Pitt artist pen small, Copic markers, and watercolors for background elements.

I really like the sketch cards… esp the Revolver Ocelot one!

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if the client would like that one, but I figured Shinkawa’s art is more about the idea of the character and not pure rendering madness; so I went off and tried channeling my inner Bob Peak. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remade the Street Fighter 2 character select screen in sketch card format for local gallery show. Some hits. Some misses. Didn’t have a lot of time to spend on it, so it is what it is. Guile looks like he escaped from marionette casting off Thunderbirds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching Final Round stream, and Infiltration inspired an Akuma doodle on the Galaxy Note. I think I’m finally getting a feel for what tools I like digitally.

Unrelated, but some comic stuff - Powergirl pinup, old school design. On paper w/ markers.

More unrelated to fighting game crap.

Nice pic of Trap Jaw.
I do wish your lighting/shadows were more consistent though… some parts look like they should be light but are dark and vice versa.

Thanks. I do need to stop bullsh*tting my light sources.

Speaking of which - whipped this up this weekend for an event.

Nicely done sir

the katamari art is too dope!